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    Modafinil 200mg Over the Counter

    Modafinil belongs to the class of drugs that promotes wakefulness in human beings. It is widely prescribed by doctors for cases of excessive sleep and disorders arising from irregular sleep patterns and work shifts of employees in modern industries. The cause of excessive sleepiness results from the poor response of our brain to adjust to disorderly sleeping schedules.

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    It is mainly seen amongst young and old generations who have to work in shifts or suffer from sleep apnea and narcolepsy. In some cases, the medicine may be given for other specific purposes and your doctor may recommend taking it if your medical condition requires so. Just like other prescription drugs, you must always furnish a prescription for getting the drug from an authorized pharmacy. You will need to undergo some tests and checks for your doctor to ascertain whether the medication is safe for you or not.

    If you suffer from allergy while taking Modafinil you must at once report the matter to your doctor who will either recommend you to stop taking the medicine altogether or suggest other milder drugs.

    Taking Modafinil with Caution

    You must know about the warning signs and consequences of Modafinil when you take it in the form of a tablet. If you suffer from skin reactions then you need to be treated in a hospital. It is usually seen that the drug must be stopped when such symptoms are found as they are usually very severe. You may otherwise suffer from skin rashes, mouth sores, blisters on the mouth, or difficulty in breathing and swallowing. Or you may have a fever, swellings on your legs or faces, or your urine color may be dark. In all such cases, you ought to discontinue the drug as the case may get more serious.

    You should also stop taking the drug if you find your skin, and eyes becoming yellowish. Of course, your doctor would take certain tests and place queries about your past and present medical conditions. You must answer the queries truthfully before your doctor suggests Modafinil medication for getting rid of your sleep disorders or excessive sleepiness.

    Your past medical issues may relate to chest pain, liver problems, kidney disease, high blood pressure, heart attack, heart disease, psychosis, drug addiction, alcoholism, etc. In all such cases, you must frankly speak about it to your doctor so that the latter can consider whether the medication is safe for you or not.

    Modafinil Dosages

    Your dosage of Modafinil will be decided by your doctor. It is not to be taken by any person as stated above and a pregnant or breastfeeding woman must take prior permission from her doctor before taking any dose. It is not known whether the drug will affect the unborn baby, yet the point is to be on the safe side.

    The drug dosages are usually recommended for people above 18 years and you must read all patient information, and instructions on the package to make it safe for you. Usually, Modafinil is suggested to be taken for less than 12 weeks and swallowed with or without food.

    Lastly, get the prescription drug from an authentic pharmacy only.