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    5 reasons why you should meet Colombian people

    Colombians are unique; once we’ve said ‘Hi’—or the familiar “Quiubo” pronounced as “key-u-bo"—you’ll find yourself wondering if we’ve met before, because our great enthusiasm will make you feel like a close friend saying “welcome home”. Discover a few more reasons for why you should get to know Colombian people living abroad.

    Colombians make your days brighter

    Our clever sense of humor always breaks the ice. As soon as we’re introduced, we’ll be laughing, dropping jokes, and telling stories in no time—we’re known for recounting some of the most amazing sagas you’ve ever heard.

    We consider ourselves happy people; and we love sharing moments in a uniquely Colombian way. For instance, explaining all of the nicknames and different expressions we have for the same thing, and finding unique ways to share our Colombian culture everywhere we go. Even if you make a mistake or feel embarrassed, we can find a way to turn it into a hilarious moment, laughing together along the way.

    Colombian friends last for life

    Colombian people always give a welcome with a smile – A Colombian guy smiling | Colombia Country Brand

    It’s no coincidence that in Colombia, we have a special expression for friendship that has become well-known around the world: ‘Parcero’ pronounced as “par-cero”. This Colombian Spanish street slang means ‘brother’ or ‘buddy’, and is mostly used by Colombians from Medellin.

    This expression is special, not only for it’s meaning, but also in the way it embodies Colombian culture. If there’s one thing you must know about us, it’s that we love lending a hand when someone needs it the most.

    We love being great hosts

    Colombian people always give a welcome with kindness and great enthusiasm – A Palenquera smiling in Cartagena, Colombia | Colombia Country Brand

    We like to go above and beyond for our guests, taking every detail into consideration and sharing our kindness with great enthusiasm. Our main goal is making sure you always feel comfortable, always at home. We’re always happiest when we’re sharing a cup of Colombian coffee with you, teaching you the rhythm of Colombian music, and cooking our favorite Colombian cuisine for you to try.

    The Colombia language is a welcome home

    Colombian people always give a welcome celebrating in family– A Colombian family celebrating in a jeep | Colombia Country Brand

    Colombian Spanish reflects the way Colombian people are as well. We have a very particular way of expressing ourselves in every situation, using popular sayings that will make sense to you after reading this article. There are a few examples there, but the list is virtually endless, and we as Colombians love sharing our rich vocabulary with others.

    Have you ever been part of a “recocha”? Experienced something “bacano” or got feeling “enguayabado”? Would you like to learn more about Colombian Spanish before you visit Colombia? Check out these 20 words that only make sense in Colombia.

    Colombian people rule the dance floor

    Colombian people dancing in Barranquilla’s Carnival – Colombians love dancing | Colombia Country Brand

    If you really want to learn how to dance, keep in mind that Colombians know all the moves. Dancing goes hand in hand with Colombia’s cultural heritage, and its diversity is expressed by more than 1,000 rhythms that make Colombian music a unique treasure. You’ll be surprised by Colombia’s most-beloved dance styles, but you should never shy away from learning how to dance salsa, champeta, vallenato or reggaeton.

    Discover the top 10 places to learn to dance in Colombia.

    After learning these 5 reasons, you’ll feel Colombian culture through the warmth of its people. Allow us to introduce you the most welcoming country in the world.

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