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    Discover these 5 places to immerse yourself in Colombian culture

    Colombian culture has a lot to offer. Get to know these 5 places you can visit during your stay in Colombia that will allow you to have a cultural exchange.

    Tourism and the number of foreigners living in Colombia have increased considerably in the last years. Because of this, some cultural spaces have been enabled around the country. In these spaces, foreigners have been able to share with Colombians, in order to get to know in-depth different aspects of Colombian culture, such as music and dance.

    There are different options to enjoy this cultural exchange. From sitting in a bar or coffee house to talk with people, to participating in festivals or parties organized by the citizens and the cultural entities of the country. So, if you want to come to Colombia and live this great experience, here are the 5 places you can’t miss.

    Colombian culture is characterized for having a mix between the European legacy and the indigenous roots. This has been reflected in their customs, traditions and even in the way they relate to nature.

    Learn and practice some languages in Bogotá

    Colombia is a place with visitors from all around the world. This favors multiple languages to be spoken around the country. However, spaces have been enabled in the country’s major cities so that foreigners and Colombians can have a cultural exchange of language while they learn of the Colombian culture. Bogotá is one of the cities that has pioneered in offering this experience, it has several spaces that allow us to meet people from other countries and practice both native and international languages.

    One of these places is the restaurant A Seis Manos. This cultural space, located in the Santa Fe neighborhood of Bogotá, has a daily schedule that includes different plans. Among them are the days where foreigners and locals meet to practice languages and exchange experiences from their own countries. If you want to learn or practice some language and have a good time, you can go to this nice place in Bogotá. 

    Dance in Cali, the salsa capital of the world

    salsa in Cali

    Dance: another aspect that stands out of Colombian culture. The dances have been known thanks to the different festivals that are held in the country, highlighting the typical costumes and uniques movements. With this, the cities offer the possibility for foreigners to get to know more about Colombia and at the same time they can take advantage of their visit to learn how to dance every rhythm.

    Cali is the city where dancing is the protagonist of every day, and salsa is its main axis. Places such as La Topa Tolondra have been set up, so lovers of this genre can gather to enjoy great salsa nights. This space allows to know more about the Colombian culture because visitors can listen to national and international artists, and also, they can learn to dance salsa or perfect their style from schools and dance academies. Don’t miss this place and the others that this city offers.

    Enjoy the music in Valledupar through vallenato

    Colombian music has stood out worldwide, as it is part of the culture and traditions that come from years ago. The variety of instruments of Colombia and the relationship they have with the genres is very special. Each region of the country has different festivals, in which its musical characteristics are reflected, allowing to have a space for cultural exchange.

    Vallenato is one of the most important genres of the country and has managed to have its own space: The Vallenato Legend Festival. This festival, held in the city of Valledupar during April, recreates through music all the magic of the earth in which the lyrics and melodies are created. If you want to live the Colombian culture and learn more about Colombian music, you must attend this great event.

    Get to know the delicious Pacific food

    Pacific food

    Colombian cuisine is very special, as there is a wide variety of dishes made for all tastes. It is common for each region to have its own characteristic products because they have a relationship with the conditions of the place. This is a thing that comes from the native communities because they use to feed on the fruits they collected from the ground. The typical dishes of each place have allowed Colombians and foreigners to enjoy the Colombian culture.

    The Pacific region is one of the most important places for Colombian gastronomy. Its coasts and bays favor the production of dishes, mostly of seafood and fish. Also, they have delicious preparations for exotic juices, the result of the variety of fruits that the country has. Some of the characteristic ones are clam and crab soup, fish aborrajado, shrimp or prawns salad, among others. You can’t leave Colombia without trying these delicious dishes.

    Experience art and culture in Medellín

    Art has been one of the best-known expressions in history. In Colombia, it has been present for centuries. The main cities have enabled different spaces –such as museums, houses, and the street itself– for Colombian culture learning throughout the art. Medellín is one of the scenarios of this mixture of culture, art, and fun, as it is in a process of artistic renewal.

    You just have to take the subway and stop by the neighborhoods to see the artistic move of graffiti. This city offers a graffiti tour for foreigners and visitors in the well-known Comuna 13, a neighborhood that has been reinvented to demonstrate how urban art can transform communities. You will be able to see Colombian culture through the music and art that is lived on this tour. Get to know Medellín and Colombia through these cultural spaces made for all.

    All these places are part of the great variety that Colombia has to offer, related to the Colombian culture and traditions. So, if you want to enjoy Colombian music and gastronomy, you must visit this magical place and discover #TheBestOfColombia.

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