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    Colombian top fashion designers that should be on your radar

    Colombia is well known for its incredible landscapes, delicious coffee, and its great variety of fruits, but in recent years it has become synonymous with something else: fashion. Colombian famous fashion designers have been electrifying catwalks in Paris, Milan, and beyond, leaving a lasting legacy for their country in the process.

    Here are seven Colombian top fashion designers that are turning heads and making history one stitch at a time.

    1. Johanna Ortiz

    Distinctive silhouettes, ruffled skirts, chic prints and off-shoulder necklines. These have all come to define the art that this fashion designer creates, representative of her salsa roots. She grew up in Cali, the salsa capital of the world, and she designs for herself rather than for an idealistic concept of a woman. Her trendy clothes for women reflect joyfulness, ease, femininity and strength. She thrives on authenticity, paying close attention to the fabric and always trying on her creations.


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    2. Maygel Coronel

    This Colombian fashion designer is taking the world by storm, bringing a fresh perspective to swimwear fashion and elevating it to new heights. Like much art, the beauty of her trendy clothes for women lies in the details. She showcases a wide-ranging talent for styles, from feminine ruffles to single sleeves and twisting necklines. Her solid hues and clean lines provide a feast for the eyes, and each of her pieces is handmade by local artisans in her hometown of Cartagena from eco-friendly materials.


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    3. Diana Crump

    This half-Colombian, half-French fashion designer honed her skills at Hermes in Paris before returning to her home country of Colombia to launch her brand, Atelier Crump. Her styles burst at the seams with vivid prints and synonymously Colombian pops of color. She designs trendy clothes for women of the world who embody sunshine and life, embracing femininity in the figures and personalities of all who wear it.


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    4. María Luisa Ortiz

    Widely considered one of the most famous fashion designers in Colombia, María Luisa Ortiz graduated as an haute couture designer from “Écoles de la Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture Parisienne. She honed her skills with iconic trendy brands, working for the Christian Dior and Christian Lacroix haute couture workshops before opening her own boutique. Since then, her garments have been featured in some of the most respected national and international fashion magazines.

    5. Kika Vargas

    This one of the Colombian famous fashion designers, is world-renown for her eccentric styling and romantic twists. After working as a fashion designer for Missoni, she launched her own brand and has since moved on to win awards for Best Colombian Designer three years in a row. She now works between New York, Madrid and Bogota, releasing a new highly-anticipated collection each season. Famous for its asymmetric layers and intricate ruffles, Kika Vargas’ distinctively-cool style puts a luxurious spin on sophisticated eveningwear.


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    6. Carlo Carrizosa

    Carlo Carrizosa graduated in 2009 in the Fashion Design program at LCI Bogota and had a very face paced life since then. He’s been featured in some of the top fashion magazines and even participated on the reality show Project Runway Latin America, finishing in the top 3. As far as style goes, Carlo revitalizes Colombia’s ancient history of fabrics, using exclusive textiles handmade from talented artisans and applying a mix of craftmanship, attention to detail and a sense of refined taste to his work.

    7. Pink Filosofy

    Pink Filosofy is one of the trendy clothing brands whose feminine and versatile line seeks to fit the contemporary woman. Founded by Colombian duo Johanna Ortiz, one of the top fashion designers, and the model Adriana Arboleda in 2011, their work draws refined silhouettes with draped kimono sleeves, and wraps detailed prints in harmonious hues. Their motto “Timeless fashion for a conscious world” perfectly illustrates the brand values, which prioritize comfort in in every piece that’s made.


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    Lo esencial perdura en el tiempo @pinkfilosofy #Tbt @adrianaarboledar

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    These pathbreaking top fashion designers have written a new chapter on fashion history. Look at their trendy clothing brands and found the most beautiful essence of Colombian design.

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