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    The culinary delights and treats of the Colombian Pacific Coast

    Its coasts and bays favor the creation of a large variety of fish and shellfish dishes that, among other things, are the foundation of the Afro-Colombian diet. Here is a small review of this unknown and surprising gastronomy.


    Due to its geographic location, including the sub-regions of the Serranía del Baudó, the Atrato River Valley, the San Juan River Valley, and the Pacific Coastal Plains, this region prepares a large variety of fish and seafood dishes. But what really characterizes the cuisine of this area is its special emphasis on seasoning. In fact, it is very common to see orchards with various aromatic herbs and vegetable plants on the terraces, gardens, and balconies of the houses, which fabulously add to their meals or side dishes.


    Some of their most acclaimed dishes are fish aborrajados (patties), squid, shrimp or prawn salad, crab pies, lentil soup, rabbit, clams and crab, pusandao (catfish broth), quebrao (sancocho of salted mountain beef jerky), snapper or sea bass, seafood casserole, chaupiza (small fish), and piando eggs, among others.


    The refrito is an extraordinary mixture of ripe tomatoes, scallion, white onion, chili pepper, green pepper, chopped chillangua, pole, achiote oil (bija), salt, pepper, and cumin. The result is an exquisite substance capable of transforming the most modest meal into a succulent dish.


    On the other hand, the flavor of drinks is heightened with natural ingredients, such as cinnamon, sweet cloves, nutmeg, and borojó. Some of their most famous drinks are tomaseca, viche, arrechón, and tumbacatre.


    The region also produces exotic juices made of chontaduro, which is also used to prepare delicious chicha, almirajó, borojó, and others.


    Visit Colombia and discover the flavors from each of its regions.


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