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    Why is Bogota a gastronomic capital?

    With the inclusion of four Bogotá eateries in the list of Latin America’s 50 top restaurants published by the British […]

    With the inclusion of four Bogotá eateries in the list of Latin America’s 50 top restaurants published by the British magazine Restaurant, the Colombian capital establishes itself as one of the region’s gastronomic paradises. Here we set out the reasons why Bogotá is the ideal place for lovers of good food.

    Bogotá offers an increasingly wide range of flavors encompassing Colombian, international and fusion cuisine, which has converted the city into one of Latin America’s major emerging culinary hotspots.

    This is borne out of the 50 Best list in 2014 by the prestigious British magazine Restaurant, which ranked four restaurants (Criterión, Harry Sasson, El Cielo and Leo, Cocina y Cava) among the best restaurants in Latin America.

    Below are more reasons why, when it comes to gastronomy, Bogotá is part of the answer.

    Areas Dedicated to Good Food

    Bogotá’s best restaurants are concentrated in five parts of the city: the G Zone, which is found between Calles 68 and 71 and Carreras 7 and 4; the C Zone in the Historic Downtown area; the T Zone, between Calles 83 and 84 on Carrera 12; around Usaquén Plaza; the M Zone, in the Macarena neighborhood. (You may also like to read: Colombian “food” slang)

    The culinary festivals

    Those who visit the city in August can attend the Bogotá Wine and Food Festival and the Alimentarte Food Festival, two events that continually offer the chance to enjoy the best of local cuisine, attend talks by experts and taste menus by world-renowned chefs such as Gastón Acurio and Fernando Trocca.

    Bogotá gastronomic capital

    Flavors That Take Over the World

    As well as making the list of the 50 best Latin American restaurants on numerous occasions, Bogotá’s eateries have been recognized for their quality in magazines such as Forbes, Condé Nast Traveler and CNN Travel. (You may also like to read: Gastronomy, an opportunity for tourism in Colombia)

    Moreover, the talents of Juan Manuel Barrientos, owner of El Cielo, and brothers Jorge and Mark Rausch, who own Criterión and Bistronomy, have opened doors to the exclusive gastronomic circuit in cities like Miami and Panama City.

    And as if that wasn’t enough, in 2013, Bogotá chef Harry Sasson took the flavors of Club Colombia, one of his flagship restaurants, to the prestigious Intercontinental Hotel in London.

    (You may also like to read: Colombia’s tastiest street snacks)

    Home of World-Class Chefs

    The growth of Bogota’s gastronomic sector has drawn the attention of respected chefs like Gastón Acurio from Peru and Paco Roncero from Spain, who have opened their own restaurants in the Colombian capital. (You may also like to read: 10 key ingredients in colombian cooking)

    Colombia is taking off as a culinary destination because our flavors capture hearts and always leave fond memories. It is for this and many more reasons that, when talking about gastronomy, The Answer is Colombia.


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