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    5 facts about Sofía Vergara, the colombian actress who seduced Hollywood

    After stealing Colombian hearts as a model, Sofía Vergara now amazes the world as an actress.

    Besides her talent and the love she displays for her work, Sofía Vergara is well known for being an authentic Colombian who’s also very passionate about her background. Learn more about this Barranquilla native:

    1. She never thought about doing comedy, since she didn’t consider herself a funny person. However, her first productions when she arrived the country helped her discover that aspect of her.

    2. Although her smile has won over thousands of hearts, this Barranquilla native is a strong-tempered woman, and sometimes a little bit impulsive.

    3. During the movie “New Year’s Eve” Sofía Vergara performed as an actress next to the singer Jon Bon Jovi, who was her first teenage crush. She enjoyed the time taking pictures with him and sharing them with her friends.

    4. Bullying marked some of her childhood experiences, since she was extremely thin and her classmates would make fun of her body type. In her own words, they made her feel as an “ugly duckling”.

    5. She is one of he most powerful women in the world, according to the women’s power annual ranking by Forbes Magazine. Amongst other famous celebrities such as Shakira, Sofía Vergara stands in position number 32.

    Find out more about Colombians who stand out internationally and learn why in terms of talent, #TheAnswerIsColombia.

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