Colombian athletes represent the best of the country

Colombian athletes represent #TheBestOfColombia
Colombia is very well represented by its athletes. In the competition they not only deliver the best of themselves, they also represent the best traits of our people with their bravery, joy and human warmth. Get to know their DNA!

Colombian athletes make history

Colombia has made news in sports, thanks to the outstanding performance of Colombian athletes. Starting with Édgar Rentería, the ‘Golden boy’ of Colombian baseball; soccer players Radamel Falcao García and James Rodríguez; also Colombian cyclists: Nairo Quintana, Rigoberto Urán and Egan Bernal; tennis players: Roberto Farah and Juan Sebastián Cabal; triple jump queen Caterine Ibargüen; Mariana Pajón in BMX, as well as Óscar Figueroa and María Isabel Urrutia in weightlifting.

However, the list goes on, as there are many outstanding Colombian competitors who have made a landmark in history. The achievement of 29 Olympic medals for Colombia are moments that will last forever. And how to forget the achievement of Guinness records, such as those obtained by diver Orlando Duque and freediver Sofía Gómez.

All of them are national icons and representatives in different sports in world competitions. Our athletes promise to continue the legacy at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, competing in various disciplines such as athletics, swimming, equestrian jumping, archery, Greco-Roman wrestling, taekwondo, cycling, fencing, boxing, BMX, among others.

Would you like to know what makes those sports leaders special? Discover the secret behind the success of the ones who represent us.

Colombian athletes’ DNA

In each competition those heroes show the best that the country has: its people. This is the reason why our Colombian cyclists represent the drive and motivation. They move forward and achieve the dreams they set out to achieve. Anyway, the determination is the one that characterizes us in cycling, by training hard and riding for long distances.

In addition, Colombian athletes enjoy every moment of the journey to the finish line. Therefore, with joy and humility we enjoy the path to achieve our goal. At the end, we celebrate our achievements with a huge smile and a dance that spreads good energy to those who are watching us, like when our Colombian National Soccer Team scores a goal or when Caterine Ibargüen overcomes the record distance with a new jump.

On the other hand, our kindness is shared with the world through our way of speaking. That humbleness that characterizes Colombians like the cyclist Rigoberto Urán, whose accent and self-confidence transmits that warmth to those who admire him.

Regardless of where in Colombia we are from, we are united by the same DNA and this time we will demonstrate our talent and kindness in Tokyo to continue fulfilling our commitment to sports.

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