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    Nelson Cardona, an expeditionary role model

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    The Colombian Seven Summits expedition, led by Cardona, wants to conquer the world’s highest peaks. 

    The Seven Summits expedition is Nelson Cardona’s most important goal. The Colombian hiker wants to become the first disabled Latin American to reach the top of the highest peaks in the world.

    After he lost his leg in 2006 in an accident at the Nevado del Ruiz volcano, this exemplary Colombian sportsman didn’t give up on his dream to conquer the world’s highest peaks. He continued his career and became a role model for all generations that see him as an example of how to overcome adversity.

    Cardona holds the national climbing record at the Snowcapped Park of 2001, having accomplished the feat in 16 hours and 8 minutes. He is also the first Latin American disabled hiker to climb Mount Everest’s 8.848 meters.

    The Seven Summits

    Nelson Cardona,José Francisco Arata, Lisbeth Robayo, Carolina Ramírez, Marcelo Arbeláez, Juan Pablo Ruiz, Edgard Martínez, Carlos Alberto Gómez, Nelson Cuevas, César Gaitán, Juan Pablo Montejo and Sergio Vargas are part of the Colombian delegation of the Seven Summits project. The crew has conquered Mount Kilimanjaro (2002), Aconcagua (2003), McKinley (2004), Everest (2010) and Vinson (2013).

    Next in line is Europe’s highest mountain: Russia’s Mount Elbrus, which is 5.642 meters high. Colombians have expressed their support through social media.

    You can participate on Twitter @Colombia using #Activatuvoz by telling us what you would like to put in the expeditionists’ backpack. You can also support our sportsmen through messages via Facebook.

    Learn more about the Seven Summits feat and discover why when it comes to sports and undertaking projects, the answer is Colombia.

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