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    Missoma jewelry latest collection “Momposina” is inspired in Colombia and the ancient technique of filigree.

    Missoma -the London based- jewelry brand recent launch is all about Colombia, its pre-Columbian cultures and the art of filigree.

    Colombia is a country that without a doubt has been a source of inspiration for many artists and global brands. Nowadays, the boom of the jewelry industry is setting a breakthrough in the accessories world. In this case it’s Momposina, the latest collection of Missoma, the worldwide known jewelry brand. Their latest creations were inspired in the millenary technique of the Momposinian filigree (from Mompox, a colonial town in Colombia) and the ancient pre-Columbian cultures.

    Colombia under Missoma´s eye

    Kate y Marisa, propietaria de Missoma Colombia Country Brand

    The Momposinian filigree jewelry is an art that has caught the attention of many local tourists and foreigners like Kate Horne, the acclaimed documentarist established in the United Kingdom. Horne, who since childhood has been close to the Colombian culture, decided to persuade her friend Marisa Hordern –founder and creative director of Missoma– to an adventure. In other words, a journey that led them to discover the knowledge behind the goldsmith technique in Colombia.

    The first stop was a visit to The Gold Museum in Bogota, where Marisa had the chance to get to know the roots, history, and legacy of the goldsmith and jewelry pieces inherited from the pre-Columbian cultures in Colombia. Consequently, an inspiration that resembles the Missoma jewelry collection that was inspired on this trip.

    “Visiting the museum in Bogota and seeing the intricate designs in real life was truly special for me. The exhibition displays some of the most breathtaking ancient artifacts and jewelry I’ve ever seen. But I wanted to celebrate Colombia rather than emulate, so I started focusing on the textures and colours of the country, and then adding little flares that felt ‘Missoma’” 

    The process of creating “Momposina” in Mompox

    Missoma se inspiró en la filigrana Momposinian | Marca del país de Colombia

    The second stop on this adventure was Mompox, at the Fundación Escuela Taller. In other words, a place specially created to strengthen the training processes in the traditional practices related to local heritage. For instance, practices such as goldsmithing (jewelry), pottery, woodwork, and cooking, among others.

    Doris Peñaloza, a former student and trainer into the filigree practice at the Fundación Escuela Taller welcomed Marisa and Kate in the workshop. Consequently, with her interest to preserve this art, she taught them the millenary technique of Momposinian Filigree. Especially, since it is the most sold type of jewelry local artisans offer in the jewelry stores around town. 

    The charm of Mompox in the collection created by Missoma

    Marisa had the chance to share with the local artisans and jewelers to learn and experience the art of goldsmiths in this place. It was so fascinating to her, that along with Doris, they decided to design an iconic statement piece for the Missoma  collection. As a result of this a pineapple charm was created with the filigree jewelry technique by the artisans of the workshop. In addition to that, a percentage of the profit from the sale of this charm will be donated to the preservation of the filigree practice. 

    We chose a pineapple as it represented the vibrant tropical spirit of Colombia that we all experienced on our travels there. Our first location for the shoot was also on one of the several pineapple longboats, so it felt very apt.” Hordern mentioned.

    Momposina by Missoma

    The 40-piece Missoma jewelry collection was recently launched on the website. It has 15 earrings, 16 necklaces, 3 bracelets, and 6 rings. Above all, Momposina is not only inspired by the history of Mompox but in the marvelous details of Colombian handicrafts. A heritage from the pre-colonial era. 

    The colors of the semi-precious stones of the jewelry collection represent the ones in the sunsets of Mompox and Cartagena. Furthermore, according to Hordern, they are like taken out from a painting. Thus, the design of the pieces is meant to honor the roots and goldsmith traditions that today are the heritage of the nation.  

    The realization of the Missoma Jewelry collection campaign

    Milagrosa Producciones produced the campaign of the Missoma Jewelry collection, with the leadership of Director Daniela Riascos. Hence, the team followed Kate and Marisa step by step on this adventure in the city that has inspired many artists. 

    Finally, Hordern expressed that her journey inspired many people to consider Colombia for their next destination. Also, she mentioned that the reason behind why she found so much inspiration was because of the cultural, architectural, and creative wealth of the country and commented: 

    Colombia is naturally an aesthetically beautiful country, but the reason I found so much creative inspiration there was down to the energy of the country and the people I met

    Momposina by Missoma Colombia Country Brand

    Missoma puts Mompox in the spotlight

    Mompós or Mompox (yes, the two names are valid) is a district in Colombia located in the northern area of the country in the region of Bolívar. About 248 km south away from Cartagena. In addition, this city also shares the title of Historical and Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

    Thanks to its isolation from the Colombian coastal zone and due to its difficult access, Mompox is mostly known as “the town where time stopped”. However, because it is located near the Magdalena River, it was the proper place to keep the gold and silver that the Spaniards took from the mines of Antioquia during the time of the conquest.

    The History of filigree jewelry in Colombia before Missoma


    Mompox también fue una inspiración para Missoma Colombia Country Brand

    The history of the filigree jewelry technique in Colombia dates back to the conquest time. Moreover, with the arrival of the Spaniards, Sevillian artisans also arrived and were recognized for having inherited different Arab traditions. As an example, the ability to turn precious metals into gold and silver threads for the production of what is now known as the art of filigree jewelry.

    It is the legacy of a knowledge that has been passing through generations between centuries. Especially, a practice that is also known as the art of knitting silver threads and turning them into iconic and distinguished jewelry figures. Most of them resemble organic shapes similar to the ones in nature.  

    The experience behind the Missoma Jewelry collection

    This trip was an incredible journey for Kate and Marisa, who experienced first-hand the places that make this country a unique destination. Furthermore, their journey is an invitation to all the people that wish to discover the treasures behind a goldsmith workshop.

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