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    Oportunities in the forest sector

    In Colombia we account more than 17 million hectares apt for reforestation, of which only approximately 1% are being used […]

    In Colombia we account more than 17 million hectares apt for reforestation, of which only approximately 1% are being used for that purpose.

    Factors like all-year long photosynthesis, elevated indexes of biomass production, high-value species diversity and one of the most effective performance returns in the region allow our country to offer privileged conditions for the forest business.

    Among the products of the forest sector that are apt for export and national sales are woods, sheets of wood, boards, paper, cardboard, furniture and diverse manufactures.

    The most suited regions for this type of plantation are the Caribbean, the Alto Magdalena, the Orinoquia, the ‘Eje Cafetero’ and a portion of the southwestern region.

    Thanks to the diverse climatic conditions of these areas, it is possible to plant a broad range of species that grow from pinus caribea to eucalyptus grandis.

    To incentivize investment in the forest sector, the government offers the Certificado de Incentivo Forestal (CIF), a subsidy with a total budget of 429 billion pesos.

    In addition to these conditions, tax benefits and incentives like the revenue tax exemption for new forest plantations allow us to say that in this sector, The Answer Is Colombia.

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