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    Why is Colombia The Answer on Valentine’s Day?

    On February 14 Colombia provides the world with 500 million flowers for the celebration of Saint Valentine’s Day.

    The quality of its flowers and the joint efforts of the floriculture industry have led the country to the second place in global exports of the sector. It is estimated that 97% of the annual production of Colombian flowers is destined for retail outside the country.

    That is why on dates like Valentine’s, Colombia is one of the world leaders in the production and export of one of the best-selling products in the wake of the celebration.

    What are some of Saint Valentine’s figures?

    The sales of February 14th represent 12% of the floral production of the country. For the occasion, it is estimated that 500 million flowers are produced and distributed in 1.500.000 boxes in the most competitive markets in the world.

    According to  the Colombian Flower Exporters Association (Asocolflores), the February season along with the increase in production generate 10.000 additional jobs to the 130.000 that derive from floriculture.

    What countries do Colombian flowers reach?

    Of the total exports of flowers in Colombia, 76% reach the United States. The markets that follow are Russia, Japan and England with 5%, 4% and 3%, respectively.

    What is the prediction for this year?

    This year, Valentine’s will take place on a Tuesday. According to Asocolflores, this specific day has been historically positive for the orders and acquisitions of flowers.

    Despite the United States being the most important target market for this date, it is estimated that Colombian products will reach many more corners of the earth to enlighten and brighten the spirit of the occasion.

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