Colombia, the New Economic Tiger in Latin America

Discover the reasons why our country is one of the most influencing in the region’s economy. Are you ready to feel proud of being Colombian?

Going to parties, getting the groceries and pretty much every task that requires an investment, are becoming easier for Colombians. There’s a new economy that boosts the development of our country; the following facts are evidence of this:

1. We are the top third economy in Latin America. Mining, energy, infrastructure and even tourism, have made Colombia more attractive than countries such as Argentina and Chile.

2. According to the Oxford Business Group, Colombia has one of the most interesting emerging economies for foreign investment.

3. Colombia’s economy has been growing more than expected. However, the Bank of the Republic affirms that the real potential has just started to show.

4. We are the second fastest growing economy in the world and the first one in Latin America. The construction sector and service sector account for most of this development.

5. Not only the international market has grown, but also the internal demand is becoming stronger. Colombian homes have increased their consumption resulting in a general growth of the economy.

6. The entire world is talking about Colombia’s economy. The French Newspaper Le Figaro recently called Colombia “South America’s miracle”, and The Economist highlighted the attractiveness of our economy.

7. The 47 billion pesos that will be invested in the 4G project to improve our infrastructure and the transportation of products of all our sectors, is equivalent to 10% of the cost of the Real Madrid.

8. The Public spending is one of the best managed in the whole continent. The investment in health and education has positioned Colombia 15 places ahead in the regional ranking.

9. In business networking meetings organized by the Pacific Alliance, Colombia has unexpectedly excelled in agriculture and farming, ideal for international trades.

10. 17 infrastructure projects are part of the list of 100 most important in Latin America. Among them we can name Cartagena’s Harbor, Bogotá’s Metro and the Oil pipeline Bicentenario.


There are a lot more reasons that make Colombia’s economy the most attractive in Latin America. Let’s celebrate Colombia’s independence, let’s celebrate Colombia, and let’s celebrate that you are part of the answer!

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