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    Colombia: A Source of Opportunities in Latin America

    While the region started a general economic slowdown, Colombia became the exception growing 6.4% in the first quarter of 2014—the highest rate in the world after China.

    Unlike other countries in the region, and as explained by ECLAC, Colombia has a developing domestic demand, which leverages its economic growth and becomes an invitation for new investors.  According to calculations by the Banco de la República, Colombia’s domestic demand to March 2014 stood at 8.7 percent.

    The good performance of Colombian economy is also reflected in the growth of certain investment sectors that in turn become investment opportunities for domestic and foreign groups. One of those sectors is the services sector; in which investors can either invest their goods or create companies related to oilfield services, hotel and tourism industry, software, as well as IT and call-centers.

    In the manufacturing sector, Colombia has opportunities for investing in the automotive industry, biotechnology, beauty and cleaning products, building materials and fashion. On the other hand, foreign investors would find in the agro-industry sector good prospects in aquaculture, bio-fuels, cocoa, chocolate and confectionery, as well as in the meat and fruit and vegetable sectors.

    Not only the productive sectors open an opportunity for investors in Colombia, but in recent years Colombia has developed changes in the regulatory framework of the equity market with the goal of adopting international best practices; additionally, the infrastructure of local markets has been supplemented in order to offer more agility, efficiency and safety to local and international investors during the development of their negotiations, as explained by the Bolsa de Valores de Colombia (BVC) in their Guide for Foreign Investors .

    The country now has markets in variable income (stocks), fixed income (bonds), commodities – Financial and Energetic – Foreign Currency and the Integrated Latin American Market – MILA, in which foreign and Colombian investors can invest.

    In this way, a growing country like Colombia gives limitless opportunities for foreign investors.

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    Colombia: A Source of Opportunities in Latin America

    While the region started a general economic slowdown, Colombia became the exception growing 6.4% in the first quarter of 2014—the...
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