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    Sectors to Invest in

    Colombia has been acknowledged around the world as a country that produces a coffee of excellent quality, and also as […]

    Colombia has been acknowledged around the world as a country that produces a coffee of excellent quality, and also as a flower and emerald exporter. Nevertheless, our economy is much bigger and robust: its great and varied productive sectors with opportunities to invest in prove so. Colombia is the answer for investors looking for stability and opportunity because we not only show impressive past results; we also have the best projections for the upcoming years.

    Agribusiness Sector

    Due to its geographical conditions, Colombia has a wide range of investment possibilities in the agro sector. The country presents developments in the forests sector, biofuels sector, and shrimp farming sector, amongst others.

    Get more information here on the investment possibilities in the agribusiness sector.

    Manufactures Sector

    Colombia offers great investment opportunities in manufacturing industries, for example in the automotive and textile sectors. The latter enjoys world recognition for its great quality and durability. Moreover, several production sectors such as cosmetics, hygiene products, cleaning products and construction materials have doubled their sales in the past years.

    Click here for more information about investment possibilities in the manufactures sector.

    Services Sector

    Thanks to the fact that Colombia holds the largest Internet penetration index in Latin America, the country is prepared to offer global services such as call centers with IP phoning and research and development in software and information technologies. In addition, it offers outsourcing in business processes as well as investment opportunities in private equity funds and in tourism and hotel infrastructure.

    Click here for more information on the investment possibilities in the services sector.

    Portfolio investments

    In the first quarter of 2012, the general index of Colombia’s stock market produced the best returns in the region. Bloomberg defined the return index of the Colombian Stock Market in 69% after volatility adjustments, above the Bovespa index of Brazil.

    For more information on the behavior of the Colombia stock market, visit the site of Colombia’s stock exchange, Bolsa de Valores de Colombia.

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