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    Figures from recent years ratify that Colombia is one of the most interesting destinations for international investors. Colombia presents optimal […]

    Figures from recent years ratify that Colombia is one of the most interesting destinations for international investors.

    Colombia presents optimal conditions to encourage investment in different fields. Fact: the country has been qualified as the second most attractive country to invest in of Latin America for the upcoming three years. Likewise, it is considered the fifth country in the world –and first in Latin America- in terms of investor protection.

    These figures show that Colombia has an economy in full development, with basic conditions for exports, diverse sectors and productive regions, economical incentives and a legal basis established by different Free Trade Agreements negotiated and signed with other countries. These factors establish an attractive and promising frame for investors.

    The advantages in terms of investment in the country can be seen specifically in workforce availability, offer in highly productive sectors, development of high-capacity ports, implementation of free trade zones, tax exemptions for some sectors, and a healthy and competitive business environment.

    Browse this section to know the reasons why Colombia has become one of the most sought after destinations for investments in the last years.

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