Colombia, wellness for mind and body

Colombia is committed to making people feel better. Give yourself the best treatments while enjoying the great variety of natural and cultural sites this country has to offer.

Health and Wellness tourism is the most current trend in traveling and Colombia is one of the leading countries. In 2012, 4.236 foreigners visited the country with the sole purpose of getting healthcare and spa treatments. We have become experienced in taking care of the body but also the mind.

From Cardiovascular surgery to multiple massages for pampering your body, the country has a great offer at good prices, especially from the European and American point of view. In addition, Colombia’s environment will contribute to enhance your experience and make the traveling worth the while.

Health Always Comes First

When it comes to health, you better be sure to be in the best hands. Colombian professionals are high qualified; they have had the best education not only in Colombia but abroad. Furthermore, in Colombia doctors are educated having a good balance between theory and practice being able to participate in procedures since they are bachelor students; therefore, they are experienced and well trained.

Colombian doctors are also smart, curious and lead innovative research; some of the ones that have gained worldwide recognition are Rodolfo Llinás, for his great findings on the human brain, and Manuel Patarroyo for giving the world the cure for “Malaria”.

Additionally, Colombia has great facilities for patients. Our hospitals are categorized within the best in Latin America, especially the ones located in Bogotá, such as Santa Fé Foundation.

With the goal of becoming the preferred destination for healthcare treatments, this country has recently invested in building exclusive free trade healthcare zones where it is possible to obtain cutting edge equipment without increasing the costs for the patients. Examples of these zones are the Hispano-American Clinic in Pasto, St. Vincent Foundation in Medellín and Nogales Clinic in Bogotá.

When it comes to healthcare treatments, one of the most critical moments is the post-operative period and Colombia offers great advantages in this field. Not only the spring-like constant weather will contribute to your recovery, but good hotels, great food, a wide range of fruits, together with warm and welcoming people, will instantly make you feel like home.

Most popular specialties searched by international tourists are: ophthalmology, cardiovascular surgery, dentistry, otolaryngology and cosmetic surgery among others.

A Treat for Body and Mind

From ancient times indigenous tribes have had an intimate relationship with nature understanding its power to cure and treat body and soul. Inspired on this balance between the environment and human beings, Colombians have created comfortable and exclusive spas that use our country’s biodiversity to develop treatments with plants, natural oils, mud, sea salts, thermal waters among others.

From boutique hotels to spas located in exotic environments, an array of possibilities is available for relaxing and recharging your energies in cities like Bogotá, Cartagena and Medellín.

Holistic approaches are used bringing together the best from every corner of world; Eastern wisdom on balancing energies, Western facilities and infrastructure and Colombian environment and great service will make your stay unbelievable.

If there’s something in you that doesn’t feel great, in Colombia we will find the answer. Enjoy our diversity while we take care of you in first class facilities.


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