Humpback whale-watching: The privilege of the colombian Pacific

The climatic and geographical conditions of the Colombian pacific make it a strategic place for the mating of humpback whales, […]

The climatic and geographical conditions of the Colombian pacific make it a strategic place for the mating of humpback whales, as well as the witnessing of the delivery and parenting of their calves. This event constitutes one of the biggest natural spectacles that can be seen in the country and is a motive for national pride of international recognition.

Hundreds of whales make it to our coasts between June and November, after traveling around 8,000 kilometers from Antarctica and the south of Chile looking for warmer and more welcoming waters. In our maritime territory they give birth to their spawn, teach them to breath and also couple and mate all over again.

Málaga, Gorgona, Bahía Solano, Nuquí, Utría and the beaches of Flores, Coquí, Arusí, Juanchaco and Ladrilleros are some of the places chosen by tourists and biologists alike to contemplate the grandiose scene. The natural, stand-like setting of the Colombian pacific allows the spectator to witness the event form a privileged and unique place. Some of the most celebrated and memorable behaviors are flipper swings, flaps, leaps and immersions.


Whale watching is an activity that requires patience and prudency. If the spectator wishes to observe them from the coast, binocular use is recommended. If he wishes to observe from a boat, the most important thing is to do so accompanied by a guide and keep a safe distance to avoid disturbing the wales and their calves.

Even if the cetaceans can take a long time to appear, and maybe not do so through some of the tourists stay, there are more possibilities of finding them in the first morning hours or the fading hours of the afternoon when the sea is calmer and the sun is not at full strength.

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