Famous patents you didn’t know were Colombian

Grability from Rappi, one of the famous patents of Colombia | Colombia Country Brand
Colombian people have a remarkable talent for creative innovations, and in the last few years the number and types of patents made in Colombia has increased.

Colombia, home of innovative ideas

Colombia has set a goal to become a hub of creative innovations and technological development, and this has gradually become a reality. The number of patents applications and concessions being filed has increased over the past decade, boosting the country’s social and economic development.

Where do most of these innovative solutions come from? From the talent of Colombian people and, of course, the alliances between the academy and the productive sector. The majority of these Colombian patents belong to the mechanical industry, followed by chemical processes, medical and pharmaceutical sciences, biological, electricity and electronics industries.

5 types of patents made in Colombia

Discover famous patents created by Colombian people? Here are 5 of the most renowned!

1. The modern valve treatment for hydrocephalus

Salomón Hakim Dow was a Colombian neurosurgeon, researcher and inventor, mostly known for inventing the valve that treats Hydrocephalus patients called ‘Hakim Valve’. He improved and developed it with the capacity to regulate the CSF pressure, becoming much safer. This Colombian patent was one of the first, and it was introduced to the medical community in 1966.

2. Movvit, innovative solutions that improve the mobility

Adriana Solano and Miguel Uribe, Colombian Industrial Designers are the creators of one of the most useful and innovative products for those who have lost their leg above the knee. It is a prosthesis that makes easier for them to climb or down stairs, and allows them to bend their limb.

3. Innovative products for fruit harvesting

Collecting fruits from the treetop is now much easier thanks to a rotational tool created in Colombia. María Gissela Duque and Jorge Andrés Pérez created this incredible Colombian patent that decreases the excessive human force and manipulations that lead to mistreatment of trees, as well as mechanical injuries and even loss of fruits, which has affected the level of productivity and quality in the past.

4. Grability, a Colombian software patent


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Rappi, a startup smartphone app from Colombia that aims to make shopping easier. It was created by Simón Borrero, Sebastián Mejía and Felipe Villamarín, and has patented its platform as Grability in Colombia. It is mainly used for the swiping process during purchases and the back-end platform integrates the app with retailer’s systems. This is one of the most famous patents from Colombia, and it has transformed delivery services in the country.

5. Vegan leather made in Colombia


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Alejandro Moreno has patented a flic-based vegan leather made with fique, a natural fiber that grows in the leaves of plants in the genus Furcraea. It’s cheaper than animal leather and, most importantly, it’s eco-friendly. As such, their product is one of the greatest examples of innovation. Alejandro will install a production facility in Itagüí, Antioquia with the capacity to produce three million meters a year, 80% of which will be exported to countries such as Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands.

Colombian talent will continue to dazzle with creative innovations that improve the quality of human life worldwide, because Colombian people love to share the best with everyone.

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