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    Why study in Colombia?

    The participation of Colombia in Miami Going Global 2014 is given from a partnership between Marca País® (Country Brand) “The Answer is Colombia”, the […]

    The participation of Colombia in Miami Going Global 2014 is given from a partnership between Marca País® (Country Brand) “The Answer is Colombia”, the Ministry of Education, the National Department of Science and Technology (Colciencias), the Colombian Institute of Educational Credit and studies Abroad (Icetex), Caro and Cuervo Institute, which is the leader of Spanish Campaign in Colombia, and the Network of universities with high quality accreditation: Colombia Challenge Your Knowledge. This partnership seeks to promote Colombia as a fate for higher education and quality research and teaching Spanish campus.

    Colombia is the Answer…

    ・ Because Colombia has a wide range of higher education programs of high quality with 288 higher education institutions and academic programs of 9.802.

    ・ Because it is high quality and has a quality assurance system internationally recognized by the European Consortium for Accreditation (ECA) and International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE), 30 of our higher education institutions and more than 786 academic programs have high-quality accreditation.

    ・ Because it has a strong offering scholarships for students, teachers and researchers are linked to Colombian higher education institutions.

    ・ Because Colombia is one of the most important destinations in Latin America to learn Spanish as a foreign language because of its unsurpassed qualities including its internationally recognized spoken and written Spanish, the important contributions by its grammarians to the study of Spanish language, the high academic level of its learning institutions, its linguistic and cultural diversity and its extraordinary biodiversity.

    The initiative to promote Spanish as a Foreign Language courses arises from the Government Plan for Democratic Prosperity of President Juan Manuel Santos; its planning, development and carrying out are the responsibility of the Instituto Caro y Cuervo.

    In the web site you will find information about the programs and courses in Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE) offered by Colombian universities as well as relevant content for ELE teacher training.

    The institutions grouped here offer courses with different approaches, levels, intensities and costs, thus ensuring the possibility to study according to your needs and expectations. As well, the cities where these institutions are located allow you to live enriching experiences and approach Colombian culture while learning to effectively communicate in Spanish.

    The web site also offers access to educational resources to help your learning of Spanish as a foreign language. Additionally, there are texts, photos and videos about life in Colombia and information about the country.

    ・ Because Colombia has a range of quality programs in areas of interest to research by offering the possibility of joint research projects.


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