Why the most welcoming country feels like home

Colombia feels like home in every corner of the country | Colombia Country Brand
Every corner of the country will greet you with a warm feeling of friendly belonging. Because every little thing Colombians do comes from the heart. Do you want to know why?

8 amazing things that will surprise you when visiting Colombia

Colombia has so many different ways of saying ‘welcome home’! Discover all of them and plan your trip as soon as possible!

1. Colombian coffee

Colombia feels like home in every cup of coffee | Colombia Country Brand

During your visit, you’ll experience the true taste of a cup of Colombian coffee, or ‘tinto’; and the immense value our culture places on friendship, family, and closeness. Every taste, every scent, and every sip feels like home as long as you’re sipping on one of the best coffees in the world.

You’ll be surprised to see Colombians drink Colombian coffee all day long, because a single cup isn’t enough to start a new day and you’ll need some more to enjoy the rest of it. Ask for a ‘tinto’ (black coffee) or a ‘tinto campesino’ (black coffee with sugarcane), and you’ll understand what Colombian coffee truly is.

2. Its nature’s treasures

Colombia feels like home in the Colombian Pacific | Colombia Country Brand

Every single one of Colombia’s regions feels perfectly homely. With amazing tourism activities, fairs and festivals, excellent Colombian cuisine and friendly people, Colombia promises an unforgettable experience.

There are places such as La Guajira, the Tayrona National Park, Gorgona Island, Bahía Solano and Nuquí, where whales and turtles give visitors and locals an incredible show. Or, take Caño Cristales, the River of Five Colors, where you’ll discover of both Colombia and the world’s most amazing natural wonders.

3. Its friendly people

In Colombia, you’ll make new friends who genuinely care for you. We’ll do anything to make sure you have the best experience, and we’re sure to take some time to share the best of our cuisine, traditions and destinations with you. In every gathering, you’ll be welcomed with a big smile, and at the end of your visit, you’ll get, at the very least, the warmest of invitations to come back as soon as you like.

4. Colombian music

Colombia feels like home in Carnaval de Barranquilla | Colombia Country Brand

Thanks to Colombia’s immensely diverse regions, we have numerous festivals and other cultural activities that showcase the best of Colombian heritage to the entire world. Some of the most popular, two of which are listed by UNESCO as intangible cultural heritage, are the “Carnaval de Barranquilla” in Barranquilla, the “Carnaval de Negros y Blancos” in Pasto, and the “Festival de las Flores” in Medellin.

Let us show you some of our more than 1,000 emblematic rhythms and beats which make us move and dance all night long. You’ll be surprised by the most beloved dance styles, but you should never shy away from learning to dance all of them.

5. Colombian cuisine

Colombia feels like home with its home cooking | Colombia Country Brand

Colombia has a rich and diverse culinary scene, but you’ll be just as surprised with its home cooking. For example, the bandeja paisa, a massive food platter, is absolutely delicious and among its many delicacies, you’ll find arepas (Colombian corn cakes), a basic snack that accompanies most Colombian meals. You must definitely try the different types of soup, and don’t forget about Colombia’s tastiest street snacks, such as empanadas and the wide variety of Colombian desserts.

6. Biodiversity

Colombia feels like home with its more than 1,920 bird species | Colombia Country Brand

Did you know that Colombia is the second-most biodiverse country in the world? Well, now you do! It boasts over 50,000 animal and plant species, including exotic animals and a huge variety of orchids.

Its privileged geographic location makes it a biodiversity heaven. The country is located in the northern end of South America, along with some islands in the Antilles, and part of Central America, where you will find a wide array of tropical animals and plants. Discover the squirrel monkey, a jewel of the Colombian Amazon jungle, any of its 1,920 bird species (the most on Earth), or the 70-meter-tall Colombian wax palm in the Cocora Valley.

7. Climate and weather in Colombia

In Colombia you can go from summer sunshine to autumn-like breeze in little over an hour. How is this possible? Its mountainous geography means different regions can have completely different temperatures, and since the country lies right above the Equator, Colombia has no seasons. This is just another enormous privilege waiting for you here. Discover great places to visit to spend your next vacations in Colombia, or even to hold large gatherings and international conventions. Get ready for a warm welcoming everywhere you go!

8. Everything is really close

Yeah, it is. You’ll be surprised to find stores, supermarkets, coffee shops, malls, and drugstores rather close to each other. Most of the time, you’ll find everything at a walking distance and even in the same neighborhood – or the same block! This is something that both visitors and locals love, and it certainly doesn’t hurt to have extremely friendly people at your complete disposal.

Explore a new destination, visit this beautiful country, and enjoy its unique experiences and landscapes. You will truly fall in love with Colombia’s people, nature, and culture.

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