Colombia: cradle of great cyclists

Cyclists that have left a lasting mark like ‘Lucho’ Herrera, Martín Emilio ‘Cochise’ Rodríguez, Santiago Botero and Rigoberto Urán have raised the Colombian flag high in many stage races in the world.

 Colombia’s sports history is intimately linked to cycling. Epic victories by ‘Cochise’ Rodríguez and ‘Lucho’ Herrera in the world’s most important competitions created a cycling culture that made generations dream about representing the country on top of a steel horse. These are four of our most relevant ambassadors.

  • The biggest Colombian cyclist in history heads the list: Luis Alberto Herrera Herrera. ‘Lucho’, as nicknamed since 1981, is one of the most remembered sports personalities in the country, and is the cyclist that brought the most international titles to the country.

‘Lucho’ made thousands of Colombians vibrate while listening to broadcasts of his victories abroad, especially in the 1987 Vuelta a España.

  • Martín Emilio Rodríguez was born in Medellin on April 14th 1942. ‘Cochise’ —the name of a North American Apache Indian that the cyclist admired through adolescence— conquered great feats and filled the country with international pride and glory.
  • Santiago Botero is another cyclist that is remembered by Colombians, because his victories in Tour de France reignited the love for the sport for new generations. He rode in teams like T-Mobile Team and Kelme. His most remarkable feats took place in time trials.
  • Rigoberto Urán is the most recent addition to the list of the most important Colombian cyclists in history. Winner of a silver medal in the road competition in the London 2012 Olympics and of the white maillot as best young cyclist in Giro d’Italia in 2012, this 25 year-old man from Antioquia is establishing himself as one of the biggest promises in national sport.

The list of road cyclists has to be engrossed with names like Rafael Antonio Niño, Sergio Luis Henao, Mauricio Soler, Fabio Parra, Marlon Pérez, José Castelblanco and Álvaro Pachón.

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