Colombia’s location, current time zone, climate and more!

Where is Colombia located? It is in the north of South America and it has wonderful places. Learn about its time zone and everything you need to know to visit the country.

Colombia is a country characterized by its natural diversity, location, multiculturalism, tourist places, and the same time zone everywhere. This country is the result of the union of cultures at the time of the conquest. This is why in the different regions you will find a wide variety of traditions, dances, music, and flavors.

So if you’ve ever heard of Colombia –the second most biodiverse country in the world– and want to know more about this place, here we’ll give you all the general information you need to know before visiting it.

Where is Colombia located?

Have you ever wondered “Where is Colombia?”. Well, it is located in the northwestern part of South America. To the north, it borders Panama and the Caribbean Sea, to the south with Peru and Ecuador, to the east with Venezuela and Brazil, and to the west with the Pacific Ocean. It has a privileged location because it is not only the unique country in South America that has two coasts, but it also has easy communication with all continents as it is in the middle of the American continent.

What time zone does Colombia has?

Colombia only has one time zone and a difference with the Greenwich meridian of -5 hours throughout its territory (UTC -5). Due to its proximity to the Ecuador line, there are no schedule changes during the year. Colombia shares the same time zone as Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Jamaica, Cuba and some cities of the United States Canada. Here, you can see the hour in real-time.

What is the climate of Colombia?

The Colombian territory is divided into two hemispheres (north and south) due to the Ecuadorian line. Thanks to this, Colombia has no seasons and doesn’t suffer from extreme changes in its climate. However, the country has the privilege of having a variety of climates due to the different heights and thermal floors. In Colombia it’s possible to go from heat to cold in just one hour.

Colombia’s climates can be divided in the following way:

Warm: it is characterized by high temperatures, rains, and humidity. The annual average is always higher than 24 °C. Some of the products grown here are: cocoa, cotton, pineapple, and banana.
Mild: it changes throughout the year and is usually wet and dry. The annual average is around 20 °C. Some of the products grown here are: coffee, cereals, avocado, and flowers.
Cold: it is related to the upper parts of the mountains. Rains are very rare and the annual average is among 14 °C. Some of the products grown here are: carrot, blackberry, curuba, and onion.
Moor: it is related to the higher parts of the mountains, and it is mostly cold and ice-cold. The annual average is approximately 10 °C. Some of the products grown here are: beans, quinoa, corn, and potato.

Curiosities about Colombia

Did you know that… Colombia is the second most rich country in biodiversity in the world due to its location?

Did you know that… the most humid place on earth is in Colombia? It is called Puerto López and is located in the department of Meta.

Did you know that… Colombia has the largest number of species per unit area on the planet?

Did you know that… the Archaeological Park of San Agustín was declared Patrimony of the Humanity in 1995 by Unesco?

Did you know that… the Luis Ángel Arango Library in Bogota is the most visited in the world?

By having this general information of Colombian time zone, location, and more, you can visit the country without any problem. Take advantage of this and get surprised by its cultural variety, landscapes, and plans. And remember: it’s not Columbia, is Colombia.

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