Colombian Coffee, the Best in the World

Celebrate once more the independence of our country with the best cup of coffee and understand why everybody is talking about it.

Starting the day without a coffee can be as hard as preventing ourselves from getting goosebumps every time we listen to the National Anthem. Colombian coffee makes us extremely proud, this is why, every time we meet foreigners we need to let them know why we love it:

1. Coffee is the most common beverage in Colombia. According to TomaCafe’s research, 47% of the beverages we take per day are coffee.

2. The great majority of Colombians take 2.5 to 3 cups of coffee a day in average keeping it always warm and fresh.

3. Colombian Coffee influences positively on the performance of our sportsmen. Taking 1 to 3 cups of coffee daily reduces the fatigue during training and on challenging situations.

4. 90% of Colombians consider coffee is the national beverage. On the otherhand, 90% of the population believes we should be the most knowledgeable in the world when it comes to coffee.

5. The countries that have the highest rates in coffee consumption are: the Netherlands, Finland, Denmark and Germany. The latter is one of the main importers of Colombian Coffee.

6. 50% of Colombian population started taking coffee at the age of 10. We have always been grateful to our mothers and grandmothers who made us smile in the morning with a mild cup of coffee.

7. Due to our heritage, we prefer the traditional coffee grains; we barely take Instant Coffee. Instant Coffee constitutes only 14 out of 100 kilos of our consumption.

8. In Colombia there are more than 1.400 stores particularly dedicated to coffee while there are 10.900 that offer coffee to complement their menu.

9. Due to our life-long relationship with coffee we are willing to taste it with spices and spirits, among others.

Celebrate our independence with one of the best tastes in the world, a warm and friendly cup of Colombian Coffee.


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