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    5 reasons to do business in Colombia, the country of beauty

    Buildings in Cartagena, one of the most relevant cities in the business ecosystem and with international recognition.
    Colombia is a country of open doors, both for businesses from all over the world who have an interest in growing with us, as well as for Colombian ones who wish to position the unique seal of national goods and services across the global market.

    The beauty of Colombia begins with said doors, which are wide open for those who seek to discover the value of Colombian talent and dive into a dynamic economy that is committed to sustainable development.

    The national industry is constantly transforming in order to provide the absolute best the human and natural wealth of our country has to offer, thus creating new opportunities for those who seek to do business with us and join in on this transformation. Here are 5 of the aforementioned opportunities to do business that stand out at a national level.


    Colombian port with ships that import and export goods, a key part of the country’s business economy.

    The beauty of Colombia’s geography: a paradise for sustainable development

    The country is bathed by two oceans and mighty rivers that cover a huge part of its territory, which is in turn made up of regions that receive continuous, powerful sunlight throughout the year and enjoy strong wind currents that course through its three mountain ranges to also reach its plains and rainforests.

    These geographic conditions are themselves a great opportunity for the sustainable development sought in terms of energy transition in Colombia, which is supported by all sectors of society, not only out of a desire to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle, but also because of the country’s great potential to become one of the main producers of renewable energy and green hydrogen worldwide.

    The country has been able to wield the opportunities offered by the beauty of its geography and has therefore advanced in policies that promote sustainable investments and facilitate the development of businesses in Colombia related to these matters.

    The fruit nation

    Colombia is one of the most biodiverse countries on the planet, which has allowed for the massive development of its agricultural industries. Although the country is famous for the quality of its coffee, it also stands out for the production of exotic fruits, such as goldenberry and gulupa, which can only be cultivated in certain territories and with careful processes.

    This industry’s development has turned it into a massive business opportunity and has allowed products such as Colombian cocoa to gain recognition as some of the best in the world, rendering it highly sought-after in the most sophisticated markets.

    All of this is boosted by talented and driven Colombian farmers – people who have dedicated their lives to caring for and understanding the land that yields fruits that, with their flavors, colors and textures, greatly embody the beauty of Colombian biodiversity.

    Farmer growing goldenberries on a sunny day

    The beauty of Colombia lives in its people

    People are what make Colombia a nation brimming with beauty and opportunities. None of the goods or services offered by the country could’ve reached the global market without the powerful history behind them. Colombians are that history – they’re the hidden beauty that renders goods and services of Colombian origin truly unique anywhere.

    Colombian talent has turned national industries into global hard hitters. Creative minds that power the country have managed to position its music, web development, and fashion, among lots of other industries, quite highly in the world stage.

    Working with this kind of talent is a unique opportunity for anyone wishing to boost their business both in and beyond the country, confident that they’re in the hands of committed, qualified professionals who pour their skill and hard work into fostering progress for all.

    A strong and dynamic economy

    The Colombian economy is one of the largest in the region. Its domestic market of over 50 million people includes a mostly young population and has developed 5 main business centers located in cities with more than one million inhabitants, such as Bogota, Medellin, Cartagena, Barranquilla, and Cali.

    This thriving population is in part driven by the country’s strategic location right in the heart of the Americas, where Colombia acts as a gateway to South America and a bridge between the hemisphere’s countries.

    Thanks to this, the national economy has achieved more than half a century of continuous growth, which has in turn allowed it to stand firm in the face of new global challenges and become an opportunity hub for any executive seeking a stable and growing market for their businesses.

    Buildings in Medellin, a center of economic development.

    An ideal place for business

    Every year, national investment and exports figures break the country’s historic records. News of multinational companies interested in entering Colombia is now routine and new business opportunities become available month after month.

    This has been boosted by Colombia’s trade agreements with more than 60 countries, which allow it to reach approximately 1.5 billion consumers around the world. In addition, incentive policies and agreements put in place by the governing authorities render investment and business development profitable and easy.

    The opportunities the country poses are wide and diverse. Colombia’s intention is to allow anyone to find its beauty in its growth and its business ecosystem for investments and exports. The business fabric has been developed so that various sectors of the national and global economy have a clear path to success within the country.

    Bogota, one of the main business centers in Colombia.

    The beauty of Colombia

    These are just 5 of thousands upon thousands of opportunities that Colombia has in store for those who wish to grow with a beautiful and sustainable country. Beyond its geography, its biodiversity and policies make Colombia a great, appealing country, with wide international recognition. This is a nation inhabited by people that infuse their talent, diversity, and history into everything they do. Don’t miss out on these opportunities and discover here what makes Colombia the country of beauty.

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    Buildings in Cartagena, one of the most relevant cities in the business ecosystem and with international recognition.

    5 reasons to do business in Colombia, the country of beauty

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