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    Colombia: floral paradise

    Colombia has the second greatest flowering plant biodiversity and it is a protagonist in floral exports. 

    Due to its privileged location which allows for a megadiverse territory, Colombia is, from north to south, a floral paradise that attracts the whole world.

    Colombia is the second country with most flowering plants —angiosperms— in the world, after Brazil, with over 26.000 species.

    Angiospersm families with most species and kinds in Colombia are Orchidaceae, Rubiaceae and Asteraceae. The country’s most diverse kinds are Psychotria, Piper and Epidendrum.

    The national flower

    Colombia has the most orchid species in the world with 2.010 species, 1.543 of which are endemic. Orchids have been the national flower since 1936 because of its beauty and grandness.      

    Diversity to export 

    Colombia provides 89 countries 1.600 kinds of flowers, which makes it the world’s second largest exporter. In addition, the country is the world’s first carnation exporter with sales of over 600 million dollars.  

    According to Asocolflores, 76% of export flowers are grown in Bogotá’s Savannah and 19% in Antioquia, which accounts for 6.800 hectares of floral crops to export.

    33% of Colombia’s exported flowers are roses, followed by carnations with 12%. 8% are chrysanthemums, 6% are spray carnations and 5% are alstroemerias.

    The United States is Colombia’s flowers main exporting market, with 76% of exports. Colombia also exports to Russia (5%), the United Kingdom (4,1%), Japan (3,8%), the Netherlands (2,3%) and Spain (2,2%).

    According to DANE, Colombia exported 1.239 million dollars in flowers in 2011.

    The floriculture industry accounts for 8% of the country’s agricultural GDP and it generates some 172.000 jobs, 92.00 of which are direct.

    Learn more about our flowers and discover why when it comes to biodiversity, the answer is Colombia. 

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    Colombia: floral paradise

    Colombia has the second greatest flowering plant biodiversity and it is a protagonist in floral exports.