Twelve remarkable products Colombia exports that you probably didn’t know about

Did you know that the chairs in Arsenal’s stadium in London were manufactured by a Colombian company?

Beyond coffee, flowers and emeralds, there are other export products made in Colombia that you maybe don’t know about. These are some of them.

1.    Wooden speakers

Houd Sound, a Bogota company, created by sound engineer David Sandoval and industrial designer Gustavo Huertas, manufactures high quality and innovative design wooden speakers that can adapt to any mobile device and can be customized according to the users’ requests. Sales to countries like Singapore, Belgium and Australia account for 5% of total sales, in addition to sales to the domestic market in trade shows and design stores.

2.    Canned tamales and suckling pig

Now you can find canned goods with all of Colombia’s flavors, like suckling pig, Tolima tamales and beans with pig’s trotters. Alimentex and Alimentos el Gordo are two of the leading exporting companies and they market their products in Spain and the United States.

3.    Furniture for theaters, movie theaters and auditoriums

Furniture manufactured in Colombia is characterized by its high quality standards; so much so that the country is part of the network of more than 140 suppliers who built the furniture and chairs of the famous Emirates Stadium, the Arsenal FC team’s stadium.

Colombian furniture is exported to America, Europe and the Asian market.

4.    Ultralight aircraft

Ibis Aircraft S.A., Aeroandina S.A. and Aerodynos de Colombia S.A., are three companies located in Valle del Cauca (southwest of the country) which manufacture ultralight aircrafts that are marketed in both Colombia and the United States, Europe, Israel and South Korea.

It is estimated that in 2011 exports in this sector reached $507 million.

5.    Beetles

Since 2003, Colombia exports three types of beetles (Dynastes Hercules, Dynastes Neptunus and Megasoma Eleptus) to Japan, France, Canada and Germany. These animals are used in waste and natural fertilizer projects, as well as in research objects, ornaments and even pets.

6.    Butterflies

Colombia is home to over 3,000 species of butterflies, making this species a product that has a high export potential. Since 2004, the country sends butterflies to the United States for weddings and other social events.

7.    Silicone implants

The Sima Company designed silicone implants for export using 100% Colombian technology. Because of their innovative design they are easy to place, pose little risk of rupture and once placed, they do not wrinkle or lose their shape. They are currently working on prototypes for facial, calf and gluteal implants.

8.    Cloth books

Colombian ingenuity and creativity are reflected in this product, made with anti-allergy cotton and that can be easily painted and washed. Entela, the company that manufactures these books, exports its products to countries like Puerto Rico, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Chile.

9.    Bikeways

With a network of over 344 kilometers of bike paths and a bikeway that receives more than one million citizens each week, Bogotá has exported a transport solution that has been successfully adapted in cities like Quito, Melbourne, Vancouver, Portland, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles, among others.

10.  Condoms for people allergic to latex

This innovative product, made from synthetic resin instead of latex, is exported to countries like Spain, Germany, The United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, Canada and Bolivia. In addition to its material, the packaging for this condom resembles a credit card so it can be easily carried in a wallet without deteriorating.

11.  Peanut butter

Although consumption of this product in the country is low, Colombia is one of the leading exporters of peanut butter in the region. The most important export destinations are Ecuador, Venezuela and Peru.

12. Artificial teeth

Thanks to New Stetic, an Antiochian company, Colombia annually exports close to 10 million sets of acrylic resin teeth, in addition to anesthetics, fillings and boxes of teeth that are sent to: The United States, Argentina, Peru, Venezuela, Mexico, Malaysia and Italy.

As a result of the Free Trade Agreements and high quality development, Colombia is the third country that generates more sales abroad. Find out more about our products and see why when it comes to exports, the answer is Colombia.

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