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    Why You Should Consider Studying in Colombia

    Studying in Colombia
    Four reasons why foreigners should consider enrolling in a Colombian university to earn a college degree.

    Colombia is internationally recognized for its landscapes, fine cuisine, its folklore and colorful culture. However, another of its strengths is the quality of its education, which is reflected in international accolades and accreditations awarded to academic programs at private and public Colombian universities.

    The High Academic Level of Its Universities 

    The ranking for the top 300 universities in Latin America, released in December 2016 by British organization Quacquarelli Symonds, featured 41 Colombian universities due to the high standards and quality of their education, and also because they offer students an environment conducive to developing their abilities in and out of the classrooms.

    The list includes universities like Universidad Nacional, Universidad de Los Andes, Universidad Externado de Colombia, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Universidad de Antioquia and Universidad de La Sabana.

    Ease of Access to Education

    Another advantage that draws foreign students to the country is how easy it is to complete immigration procedures and obtain a visa to study in Colombia.

    In fact, the majority of Colombian universities accredited by the Ministry of Education work to establish agreements with universities from other countries to facilitate student exchanges and procedures such as obtaining temporary visas, which allows students from anywhere in the world to enroll in academic programs with or without a scholarship in Colombia. Moreover, if you are from one of the countries members of the Pacific Alliance, you will not need a visa to study in Colombia.

    One such case is that of Universidad ICESI, which has created international alliances that brought 44 students from Germany, Spain, France and the United States to Colombia during the second half of 2016 to enroll in various programs, particularly Business Administration, Anthropology and Political Science.

    Specialized Programs

    One of the biggest advantages of higher education in Colombia is that it offers specialized academic programs that are hard to find in other countries.

    Some examples of this include the Nanotechnology Engineering degree offered by Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, the Pedagogy of Mother Earth bachelor degree specializing in indigenous customs and traditions offered by the Universidad Nacional de Antioquia, and the Archaeology, Museology and Conservation and Restoration of the Movable Cultural Heritage degree at Universidad Externado de Colombia.

    What’s more, if you want to learn or perfect your Spanish, Colombia is the perfect place not only because Spanish is the official language of the country, but also because of the efforts by the government to launch initiatives like ELE Colombia (Spanish as Foreign Language), which has been offering quality programs since 2012, in partnership with the top universities in the country, for foreigners who want to learn the Spanish language in Colombia. Find more information about these programs at

    Low Cost of Living

    The quality of life outside the classroom is also a factor that benefits foreign students, and in that regard, Colombian universities offer a lot of advantages since the cost of living is a lot lower than in most European and American cities, and it is very viable for students from Latin America.

    Besides, the educational offer can be complemented with trips to the hundreds of paradise destinations around the country which will undoubtedly enhance the experience of studying in Colombia for any foreigner without affecting his or her budget.



    Entities Participating in EAIE 2017:

    Ministry of National Education

    The Vice-ministry of Higher Education was created as part of the organizational structure of the Ministry of National Education, with the reform introduced in higher education with Decree 2230 of 2003.

    The Vice-ministry of Higher Education supports the development and adoption of policies, plans and projects related to higher education in Colombia. This division is responsible for giving support to the Minister’s Office in the coordination and articulation of intersectoral relations with the bodies and agencies involved in the different roles of the system of quality assurance of higher education in the country.

    For more information please visit the  following link:


    ICETEX is the Colombian Institute for Student Loans and Technical Studies Abroad, which promotes the educational and cultural development of Colombia, particularly through student loans, as well as other national and international educational cooperation activities.

    For more information please visit the  following link:

    Colombia Challenge your Knowledge

    Colombia Challenge Your Knowledge is a campaign of the network of accredited universities of Colombia in alliance with the Ministry of Education, ICETEX, Procolombia, Colciencias and other strategic national allies to promote Colombia as a destination for academic and scientific collaboration. CCYK’s main objectives are to promote and disseminate Colombian research, academic and outreach programs abroad, strengthen the internationalization of the Accredited Universities of Colombia, study current trends in internationalization, and promote quality processes in all Colombian higher education institutions. CCYK promotes active collaboration between Colombian Universities, converting our country into a diverse and increasingly integrated campus for national and international students, as well as a relevant and reliable partner for international education programs.

    For more information please visit the  following link:


    Colciencias, the  Administrative Department of Science, Technology and Innovation of Colombia, answers directly to the Presidency and leads the National System of Science, Technology and Innovation (SNCTI in spanish). The entity focuses its efforts in four specific areas: Education for research, Research, Innovation, and Mindset and Culture.

    For more information please visit:


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