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    Colombia, in the spotlight of world entertainment

    Beyoncé’s concert is the newest addition to the list of big stars that have come to the country in the past few years.

    The country’s tourism industry has grown significantly in the past few years. According to the Colombian Association of Travel Agencies and Tourism (ANATO, for its acronym in Spanish), there was a 5.24% increase in foreigners who came to Colombia between January and April 2013 compared to last year. This is reinforced by recent concerts by artists like Madonna, Paul McCartney and Lady Gaga, who had a massive assistance of national and regional audience.

    The positive impact of the country as a mecca for huge events motivated the Colombian Hotel and Tourism Association (COTELCO, for its acronym in Spanish) to host the International Symposium for the Events and Conventions Industry next October in Medellín. ProColombia confirmed our country’s participation in the Global Meetings and Incentive Travel, an event that brings together the world’s best event providers and that will be held in New York.

    Beyoncé’s and Rihanna’s upcoming concerts evidence that the private and public sectors joint work to favor tourism has shown results in several aspects. Among them one can highlight the event industry as a local and international powerhouse. This adds to the country’s appeal as an ideal place to visit, enjoy and live in.

    Learn more about Colombia as a tourist destination and discover why when it comes to events and culture, the answer is Colombia.

    FACT: According to the International Association of Congresses and Conventions, Colombia ranks fourth on the list of countries that lead the way in event tourism and conventions in Latin America, 

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