10 Colombian experiences to seek in 2016

New Year is a time for hopes, dreams and goals and the making of New Year’s Resolutions to motivate you […]

New Year is a time for hopes, dreams and goals and the making of New Year’s Resolutions to motivate you into making the best of your opportunities. Luckily, Colombia is a country full of promise, a land that offers adventure for everyone and every chance you need to fulfil your dreams. Here are 10 Colombian experiences that could make this the best year yet:

1. Take to the air

Colombia is one of the best places in the world to paraglide, whether you leap from a precipice in Roldanillo, Cauca Valley or fly like a bird in Santander’s Chicamocha canyon. You can also soar in style in a hot air balloon over Bogotá.

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2. Get all arty

Colombia is an artistic country. Whether you seek indigenous cave paintings, classical landscapes or the best in urban art, make this your year of inspiration. 

3. Explore a paramo

Only three countries have paramo eco-systems and Colombia has more of this magical moorland than anywhere. Pull on your waterproofs, go frailejon hunting and look out for monkeys, condors, eagles, jaguars and spectacled bears. (You may also read The Lost World: Colombia’s ancient plants )

4. Live a new culture

Colombia has more than 100 indigenous communities and several are keen to share their culture, arts and cuisine. Stay on a rancheria in La Guajira, hike to the Lost City or venture underground at Tierradentro.

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5. Climb something new

A new year means new challenges. Climb Bogota’s Monserrate mountain, scale the strange rock at Guatape or brave the open-air skywalk at the top of Manizales’ Sky Tower.

6. Relax in hot springs

Paramos, paragliding and scaling new peaks are good for the soul, but you need to relax too. Soak away your aches in hot waterfalls at Santa Rosa de Cabal or bathe by moonlight in Villa de Leyva.

7. Dress Colombian

Colombian designers are rocking the fashion world so invest in their threads for a whole new look. Try Amelia Toro’s clothes with a conscience or Lina Cantillo’s revolutionary menswear. (You may also read: Seven Colombian fashion designers setting trends worldwide)

8. Camp in the wilds

Be at one with nature. You can camp with the bird-watchers by the River Pance, the rock climbers in Suesca or escape from everyone at Matarredonda, Cundinamarca.

9.Learn a new dance

Get those feet moving and who knows where the night will lead? If you’ve already shaken it with salsa, put a bit of cumbia in your courtship or try to master joropo.

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 10. Try a new taste

It’s Colombia! A dozen countries in one and a different cuisine for every dish. From pineapple on your hot dog to cheese in your chocolate, giant ants and aphrodisiac fruit, you will find a new flavor…

Do you want to visit a country full of adventure that always offers something new? Live this experience in Colombia. If you liked this article please feel free to share it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or any of your social networks.

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