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    10 Reasons why Colombia is now a luxury destination

    Colombia is a vacation paradise and, with its thriving, modern cities, Caribbean escapes and near-deserted islands, it’s the perfect place […]

    Colombia is a vacation paradise and, with its thriving, modern cities, Caribbean escapes and near-deserted islands, it’s the perfect place to indulge in a five-star getaway. With the new Four Seasons Bogota set to open in one of the capital’s liveliest districts, here are 10 more reasons why escaping to Colombia is a luxury you deserve:

    Four Seasons Hotel Casa Medina, Bogota

    The stately 62-room Four Seasons Hotel Casa Medina has been declared a monument of cultural interest and envelopes its guests in colonial charm and contemporary comforts as well as cutting-edge cuisine in its much-loved tapas restaurant. The hotel offers a range of suites, an intimate spa and delicious drinks in its courtyard.

    Santa Clara and Bóvedas de Santa Clara, Cartagena

    The Sofitel Legend Santa Clara is a Cartagena icon, a renovated convent with an age-old history and outstanding colonial architecture. The boutique Bovedas de Santa Clara hotel next door has eight suites and 10 luxury rooms and, besides beautiful, fully-equipped bedrooms complete with kitchenettes, boasts a terrace-top Jacuzzi and a fabulous bar.

    cartagena's hotels

    Hotel Boutique Don Pepe, Santa Marta

    Santa Marta is Colombia’s oldest city and this converted 16th century convent, now a 12-bedroom luxury hotel, is the perfect place to enjoy it. The hotel has some of the world’s finest beaches on its doorstep and treats its guests to gourmet food and cocktails, soothing hammocks and spa treatments and impossibly soft King-size beds.

    Deep Blue, Providencia

    Nature lovers, honeymooners and weary travelers in need of the Caribbean sun all seek refuge in the 13-room Deep Blue, on Providencia Island. The hotel is surrounded by the world’s third largest barrier reef and offers tailor-made tours of the islands on its own 18-foot cruiser, as well as a delicious restaurant, cocktails and plenty of space to relax.

    Entremonte Wellness Hotel and Spa, Apulo

    Meaning “Between Mountains” this cosy 29-room hotel is nestled deep in the Andes mountains, just a few hours from the capital. The hotel is devoted to restoring its guests back to their very best with heated pools outside their cabins, daily yoga and personalized spa treatments as well as healthy, locally-sourced meals, gentle hikes and bike rides.

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    Charleston Santa Teresa, Cartagena

    The iconic Charleston Santa Teresa, in the heart of the walled city, is one of Cartagena’s finest hotels, with an enviably positioned restaurant, La Terraza and soothing spa. This charming 89-room hotel, a restored cloister, has 15 suites and luxury rooms spread out over two wings, with sections dating back to the 17th century.

    Colombian hotels

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    The Charlee Hotel, Medellin

    Medellin’s Charlee Hotel serves a cocktail with a view, with its 18-storey high Envy Bar overlooking the city’s popular Parque Lleras. This plush hotel is also home to one of the city’s biggest gyms and its guests enjoy an eclectic décor, with original artwork, chandeliers and Balinese furniture, as well as a tasty Italian steakhouse.

    Merecumbe Hotel, Santa Marta

    The Merecumbe is a nature lover’s paradise, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta it’s the ideal way to experience Colombia’s biodiversity.  The hotel has 11 spacious “ecohab” cabins with terraces, as well as fresh, healthy food and a beach-side spa, and occupies a remote Caribbean beach where tropical birds and beasts wander at will.

    Hotel San Pedro de Majagua, Islas Rosario

    Colombia’s Rosario Islands are famed for their white sandy beaches, pristine reefs and secret lagoons, not to mention the aquamarine expanse of the Caribbean Sea. The 17-room Hotel San Pedro de Majagua sits on the largest island of all, offering a luxury eco-escape with scuba diving, nature trails and blissful spa treatments.

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    Casa Pestagua, Cartagena

    This heavenly 11-room hotel was the 18th century mansion home of the Count of Pestagua, considered the most beautiful house in all of Cartagena. This chic hotel, boasting nine spacious rooms and two suites, is a swirl of Moorish architecture with chandeliers, antiques and artwork complimenting all the latest luxuries.

    Ready to admit you deserve the five-star treatment? Live this experience in Colombia. If you liked this article please feel free to share it on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or any of your social networks.

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