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    Three companies making the most of Colombian chocolate

    Cacao, Chocolate, Hot coco, Cacaco y mas cacao, Colombia
    Chocolate is Colombia’s product of the moment, a magical and much adored food that is changing lives across the country. Cacao is the raw ingredient in chocolate and Colombian farmers produce some of the world’s finest cacao on tiny farmsteads from Caquetá to Córdoba. Here are three Colombian businesses that have put Colombian chocolate at the heart of their success:


    Tibito, chocolate, cacao, Colombia

    Tibitó chocolate bars are the best in Colombia, according to the Colombian Federation of Cacao producers who awarded the bars first place at the country’s first National Handcrafted Chocolate Contest. Tibitó sells its chocolate across Bogota and Medellín, as well as exporting to Canada and England, and the company’s success lies in its dedicated “bean to bar” approach, selecting the cacao and roasting, threshing, grinding, refining and processing it at its headquarters in Bogotá. Founding partner Gustavo Ernesto Pradilla praises the unique tastes and attributes of Colombian cacao, from the sweetness of the product grown in Meta to the fruitiness of the cacao produced in Arauca. Tibitó is committed to cacao’s social power too. Premium chocolate producers can offer Colombian cacao farmers a higher price for their product, which is one of the many reasons why premium chocolate is so popular among socially-conscious consumers.



    Colombia’s cacao farmers know they have the potential to produce a world beating product and many are already achieving fame for their work, but it’s not always easy. The average size of a Colombian cacao farm is just 3.5 hectares and inefficient farming techniques can lead to a lower quality product, which means a lower income for the farmers whose livelihoods rely on this magic bean. Chuculat is dedicated to teaching Colombian cacao farmers the most innovative new farming and processing techniques so they can improve the quality of their product and charge higher prices on the international market. This popular company buys high quality cacao from Colombian farmers too, and sells its chocolate bars and chocolate drops in shops, restaurants and markets across the country at affordable prices for Colombians to enjoy.

    Cacao y Más Cacao

     Cacao, Chocolate, Hot coco, Cacaco y mas cacao, Colombia

    Chocolate is an ancient product that has held the world in its thrall for millenial, from the Mayans who were drinking chocolate in 400BC to the Europeans who added sugar to the mix and quickly became addicted. There is no better spot to enjoy this historical product than colonial La Candelaria in Bogotá, home to Cacao and Más Cacao. This shop-cafe offers chocolate lovers a taste of its artisan treats and the space to relax over a steaming mug of hot chocolate. Owners Javier Rojas and Nidia Delgado believe chocolate is the “product of love” and are on a mission to propel Colombia’s emerging love affair with the bean and cultivate a culture of consuming good chocolate in the capital and beyond. Cacao y Más Cacao sources its cacao locally and produces its artisan chocolates and hot chocolate in a range of interesting flavors, with gift boxes on sale for customers who want to take their favorites home.


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    Cacao, Chocolate, Hot coco, Cacaco y mas cacao, Colombia

    Three companies making the most of Colombian chocolate

    Chocolate is Colombia’s product of the moment, a magical and much adored food that is changing lives across the country....
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