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    5 eco hotels to stay in Colombia and contribute to sustainability

    Get to know the 5 eco hotels that contribute to sustainability and you can visit during your stay in Colombia to make your experience unforgettable.

    Due to the development of big cities, some environmental and climate issues have been generated. However, a lot of people have become aware of this issue and have chosen to lead a greener lifestyle. Among these changes, the issue of tourism and lodging has been very present, as luxury and traditional hotels have been replaced by more rural and natural places.

    Eco hotels are a clear example of this, as they take care of the environment without neglecting the excellent service and the variety of activities they offer to their customers. It is a new way of practicing ecotourism, where rest and culture are mixed with natural diversity and sustainability.

    So if you like to travel, get to know amazing places and live unique experiences through nature, these are the 5 eco hotels to enjoy your stay in Colombia and contribute to sustainability.

    An eco hotel is the one that is integrated into the natural environment without harming it, contributing to the progress and growth of sustainability. That’s why, in these spaces, it’s important to set aside technology and allow the union between nature and the human being.

    1. Ecolodge El Almejal – Bahía Solano, Chocó

    El AlmejalFoto por: El Almejal

    This eco hotel is located within a nature reserve in the Colombian Pacific region, one of the most biodiverse places on the planet. Its facilities are quiet and comfortable, allowing its guests to have a moment of rest while listening to the sounds of waves and animals.

    The Ecolodge El Almejal is a magical place, where its visitors can witness very special events such as the sighting of humpback whales, the birth of turtles and an encounter with dolphins.

    It is known as a leader in ecotourism due to its search for a balance between the use of natural resources and the good travel experience. It also allows visitors to experience the cultural diversity and natural wonders of the region.

    Eco-amenities and sustainable practices in Ecolodge El Almejal

    -Gastronomic products of the region produced in the organic orchard
    -Water purification plant and natural pool
    -Reuse, recycling, and waste management
    -Environmental and social training for employees
    -Use of renewable energy
    -Biodegradable raw materials with a low impact on the environment

    2. Nature Reserve Palmarí – Leticia, Amazonas

    PalmariFoto por: Palmarí

    This nature reserve is located in the south of Colombia in the Amazonas region, known for its incomparable biological diversity. For this reason, guests can have a resting space while enjoying nature and landscapes.

    Palmarí is the perfect eco hotel for people who want to discover the treasures of the Amazon in depth. Also, the place offers different activities for people to enjoy their stay to the fullest. These include natural expeditions, sport fishing and you’ll also interact with indigenous groups.

    Being in a region of great cultural and ecological importance has allowed them to help their community and the environment.

    Eco-amenities and sustainable practices in Nature Reserve Palmarí

    -Craft store inside the eco hotel that offers products made from ingredients from
    the region
    -Contributes to forest maintenance and recovery
    -Encourages environmental education, both for the people of the region and for
    those who arrive
    -Has cabins built with natural materials
    -Local cuisine based on seasonal products

    3. Eco hotel Paraíso Verde – Quimbaya, Quindío

    Paraíso VerdeFoto por: Paraíso Verde

    This relatively new eco hotel is in Quindío, located in the well-known Colombian Coffee District. Many tourists visit this place every year to live up close the coffee culture and get in touch with nature.

    A variety of relaxing and adventurous activities can be enjoyed in this place, ranging from a natural spa to extreme sports. But the unmissable activity is the bird watching tour, as the area is known for being the habitat of several endemic species.

    Eco-amenities and sustainable practices in Eco hotel Paraíso Verde

    -Facilities managed in a sustainable manner
    -Architectural spaces constructed with traditional materials of the region
    -Constant training about the production of the most important products of the
    region (sugar cane and coffee)
    -Includes a restaurant inside the place that serves local cuisine

    4. Playa Koralia – Santa Marta, Magdalena

    Playa KoraliaFoto por: Mateo Soto

    This beautiful eco hotel is located one hour from the airport of Santa Marta, near the Sierra Nevada and the Colombian Caribbean sea. Its location is privileged, as it is a clear example of the integration between nature and beach, relaxation and adventure.

    Visitors of Playa Koralia can witness different natural wonders such as the sounds of the waves, the variety of animals in the region, the sound of the wind touching the palm trees and daily sunsets.

    This eco hotel cares about offering a great experience to its guests. But above all, it seeks to do so in an eco-friendly way and maintaining its ideal of sustainability.

    Eco-amenities and sustainable practices in Playa Koralia

    -Use of the region’s traditional materials such as palm, cane, and guadua fabric
    Integration with nature without invading it
    -Offers menu that includes local cuisine
    -Exotic vegetables and fruits are grown in the organic orchard
    -Comprehensive solid waste management

    5. Biohotel Organic Suites – Bogotá, Cundinamarca

    Biohotel Organic Suites Foto por: Biohotel Organic Suites

    The eco hotel is located in Bogota, capital of Colombia. This place is special because it is the only one in the city, that combines comfort and luxury with nature and the care of the planet.

    It’s ideal for people who want to live an authentic experience without neglecting the protection of the environment. It offers some outstanding services such as the spa and the organic/gourmet restaurant.

    The Biohotel Organic Suites is a pioneer in sustainable lodging, as its base is the importance of the conservation of natural resources. This is reflected in aspects such as the materials they use and the self-sufficiency of the place.

    Eco-amenities and sustainable practices in Biohotel Organic Suites

    -Low impact on the environment during construction and operation
    -Use of solar energy and water-saving systems
    -Curtains, upholstery, and carpets made of recycled materials
    -Implementation of clean technologies
    -Consumption of organic food and beverages
    -Promotes community participation in the development of sustainability actions

    Colombia is a country that offers a wide variety of plans and landscapes. Eco hotels are a perfect choice for nature lovers and those who want to witness the wonders of each region. Come, visit Colombia, and enjoy these places while protecting the planet.

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