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    Exports in Colombia

    The internationalization of the Colombian economy has enabled a rise of exports of national merchandise.

    What is the export situation in Colombia?

    Colombia’s behavior in exports is positive, with an unprecedented growth that reached almost 57 billion dollars en 2011. This record figure got Colombia the third place amongst the countries that generated the most sales outside their borders in the world.

    Its outstanding economic growth over the last decade, its privileged location and the legal frame of the Free Trade Agreements (FTA) allow Colombia to position itself as an excellent country when it comes to exports. Thanks to the FTAs signed the last year, Colombian exporters have access to some of the most important markets in the world, which account for more than 1.5 billion consumers all together.

    This has lead to the establishment of operations from several foreign companies in the country that want to take advantage of the benefits and the ample markets to which Colombian exports have access. Colombia also offers diversified markets and a considerable number of international connections that strengthen its exporting capacity.

    The country has a series of institutions that provide guidance, counseling and research services in the topic of exports, which has been built to make identification of business opportunities easier.

    Find in this section the most relevant events and figures about the status of Colombian exports.

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    Exports in Colombia

    The internationalization of the Colombian economy has enabled a rise of exports of national merchandise.
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