The magical and enchanting Colombian moorlands

Besides generating and regulating water, moorlands have become an enticing attraction for tourism worldwide.

The array of climates and the department festivities are not the only reasons why foreigners visit Colombia. Proof of that is that the 31st edition of the International Tourism Fair distinguished our country as a “new green destination”.

Our landscape, embedded mostly in the Colombian moorlands, stand out as one of eco-tourism’s main attractions. This trend is taking over the most biodiverse countries. The Chingaza or Sumapaz moorlands, the largest on the planet according to the Humbolt Institute, have become relevant because of their importance as water generators. They are also the habitat of unique animals and plants.

Eco-tourism has had such an impact in our country that the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism presented the “Nature Tourism Business Plan” on March. It aims to promote Colombian eco-tourism, adventure and rural tourism around the world. The numbers support the project: in 2012, 1,037,950 tourists entered the country. That is 5.4% more than in 2011, according to Colombian Migration.

 Since many of the moorlands inhabitants are dedicated to handcrafts, eco-tourism has also promoted this fine activity in Colombia.

Learn more about Colombia as a tourist destination, and discover why when it comes to nature and ecology, the answer is Colombia.

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The magical and enchanting Colombian moorlands

Besides generating and regulating water, moorlands have become an enticing attraction for tourism worldwide.

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