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    The European Parliament honours the memory of Gabriel García Márquez

    The event will host more than 600 guests. The notable attendees include the European Parliament’s President; the Nobel’s brother and […]

    The event will host more than 600 guests. The notable attendees include the European Parliament’s President; the Nobel’s brother and his biographer; the ambassador of Colombia in Brussels, and the Colombian writer Juan Gabriel Vásquez.

    Fonseca, the Latin Grammy winning Colombian artist, will sing Gabo’s favorite “vallenatos”.

    Wayuu “mochilas”, yellow flowers, books, photos and a container with Gabo’s image will be part of the celebration.

    Colombian Embassy in Brussels and Marca País present a heartfelt tribute to the memory of the Colombian Literature Nobel laureate Gabriel García Márquez. The event will take place in the European Parliament in Brussels on the 24rth of September.

    A panel called “A bridge of letters between Europe and Colombia” will be held during the occasion. Jaime García Márquez (Gabo’s brother), Gerald Martin (his biographer), and the writer Juan Gabriel Vásquez will be take part of the conversation, moderated by the journalist Julio Sánchez Cristo.

    Some notable guests include Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament; the Colombian ambassador Rodrigo Rivera, and the European parliamentary Luis de Grandes Pascual; all declared fans of García Márquez work and Colombian culture.

    The Colombian singer Fonseca, who will travel by courtesy of Avianca Airlines, will be in charge of playing Gabo’s favorite vallenatos along with some of his best songs.

    “Our goal is to recreate the universe of Macondo in the European Parliament with the best of the Colombian culture”, declared José Pablo Arango, General Manager of Colombia Country Brand.

    “For that purpose we will take—with the help of the Industry and Commerce Superintendence (SIC)—350 Wayuu mochilas and achira pastry with Origin Denimonation. Coffee fromJuan Valdez, yellow flowers delivered by Asocolflores, and the special edition of the Gabo’s rum fabricated by the Empresa de Licores de Antioquia will also take part of the event”.

    The Parliament will be covered by a giant photography of García Márquez taken for the book Society Portraits, in which the Nobel appears with a yellow flower bouquet in his hands.

    “The tribute wants to highlight the importance of García Marquez work and its impact in Europe. It will also remark his life and personal and familiar experiences”, says Colombian ambassador Rodrigo Rivera.

    The tribute began on August 29 when a container, decorated with a graffiti in honor to Gabo, shipped from Cartagena to the Port of Antwerp in Belgium.


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