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    The Estereo Picnic Festival: Bringing all five senses alive at once

    Estereo Picnic
    Photo by Estereo Picnic Festival
    The Estereo Picnic festival welcomes the biggest national and international artists and entertains thousands of fans who flock to this event

    Colombian sabrosura comes out in full force every year for the Estereo Picnic music festival when thousands of fans dance until they drop. The festival was founded in 2010 by a group of entrepreneurs who have seen all of their dreams come true. The Estereo Picnic cartel hosts internationally renowned bands and musicians such as The Killers, Wiz Khalifa, The Weekend, Bomba Estéreo, Systema Solar and many more, all of them surprising and delighting the fans who turn out to watch.

    According to one of the festivals creators, Philippe Siegenthaler, the festival’s first three years did not yield the results expected but it is now such a success that the festival has become one of the music world’s most eagerly awaited events.

    More than 70,000 fans head to the north of the Colombian capital every year to lose themselves in the euphoria of the festival’s music, creativity and cuisine, alongside a myriad of other sensory experiences.


    Music, music and more music!

    Estereo Picnic

    Photo by Camilo Baez

    The star of this much-loved Colombian festival is, without doubt, its music. Music quickens festivalgoers’ heartrates and makes their hair stand on end, as they devour every second of every act. The event is cleverly designed too, with schedules that ensure fans are able to enjoy every performance.

    Estéreo Picnic boasts three stages that host artists day and night during the festival. Each stage has state-of-the-art lights, sound and music technology designed to make every performance unique and unforgettable. The bright lights of these stages shine from the afternoon to the early hours as they host the music industry’s brightest stars.


    Creativity that breaks boundaries

    Besides offering the very best in music, Bogotá’s Estéreo Picnic festival provides alternative spaces for creativity, innovation and interaction. Independent creators and entrepreneurs play a leading role in the festival, alongside the invited musicians.

    Estereo Picnic

    Photo by Camilo Rozo

    Colorful stands showcase unique products that exhibit the creativity, innovation and passion of local entrepreneurs who want to inspire festivalgoers with their talents. Jewelry, clothes, accessories, design and artwork are just some of the expressions of creativity on display at a festival that promotes and supports new talent.

    Esteréo Picnic takes place on a vast expanse of land too, which allows local artists to takeover the space and demonstrate their talent live, as they cover tree trunks in intricate designs and perform impromptu shows, much to visitors’ delight.

    There is also a ‘ball pool’, giant beanbags, sun loungers, interactive games and green spaces that ensure fans make the most of their time with friends while they dance, dine and enjoy a dynamic space that awakens all their senses. In fact, the entire festival is designed to invoke the nostalgia of a childhood picnic where friends, fun, food and, of course, sounds, put a smile on everyone’s face.


    Estereo Picnic

    Photo by Estereo Picnic Festival

    Food is an essential ingredient

    Estéreo Picnic’s food hall is one of the festival’s highlights, a special space that complies with the Colombian belief that a full stomach leads to a happy heart. There you’ll find cuisines for every taste, from burgers, burritos and hot dog stands to sandwiches, sweets and beverage stores. No-one ever goes hungry.

    Estéreo Picnic is now one of the most recognized and eagerly anticipated events on the Colombian festival scene. It has won the hearts of Colombians and festivalgoers worldwide, thanks to its innovative style and belief in celebrating the very best of Colombian art and culture. Fans come together to celebrate music, food, art and creativity in a shared space that welcomes visitors of every age, nationality and taste.

    Estereo Picnic

    Photo by Estereo Picnic Festival

    Why not take this opportunity to savor live music in a fabulous outdoor setting, and invite your friends to the picnic of a lifetime?

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