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    Five news outlets telling the world about Colombia is your essential guide to getting to know Colombia – with advice on everything from food, music and festivals […] is your essential guide to getting to know Colombia – with advice on everything from food, music and festivals to which birds, beasts and beauties you should spot on your travels. But we’re not the only ones spreading the word. These five news outlets all focus on Colombia, in English:

    The City Paper

    The City Paper is Bogota’s original English language newspaper and has a loyal following, focusing on the city’s arts and culture as well as society and charity events. But it’s no “soft touch”, the paper offers a considered, in-depth approach to Colombia’s biggest issues and is popular for its columns, debating everything from the peace process to Bogota’s taxi drivers. The paper, founded in 2008, is published once a month and found in cafes, restaurants and hotels across the city.

    The Bogota Post

    The Bogota Post is the new kid on the block, a newspaper distributed every three weeks in the “hubs” where expats and English speakers gather. The paper is a hard hitter, keeping its readers up-to-date with Colombian politics and social issues as well as features on food, travel, music and books. The Bogota Post was launched in 2014 and includes a comprehensive listings section to keep its readers aware of everything that’s going on.

    Colombia Reports

    Colombia Reports is a website based in Medellin, founded in 2008 by Dutch journalist Adriaan Alsema, that’s unafraid to tackle Colombia’s most pressing issues. The site is fast and furious, offering immediate coverage of economic, justice, social and political  strife as well as sports, travel and beauty features and studies of high-profile Colombians. And editor Alsema is high-profile himself. His fierce opinion columns on everything at stake in Colombia are one of the most popular areas of the site.

    Colombia Calling

    Colombia Calling is the English voice of Colombia, literally. It’s a Bogota-based radio show downloaded by thousands of listeners, from across the world, every week who tune in to hear presenter Richard McColl and his guests. McColl, a British journalist, offers an intriguing selection, unearthing English speakers in Colombia from every walk of life. Previous guests have included artists, anthropologists, writers, chocolatiers and a British orchid hunter, full of his exploits in the Colombian jungle.    

    Colombia Travel is the website to visit if you want to travel Colombia and get under the country’s skin. The site is full of advice on adventure and experiences, with listings of all the latest festivals and practical information on planning your trip. Suggestions include hiking to the Lost City, celebrating Santa Marta’s Sea Festival and seeing Cano Cristales, the world’s most beautiful river, as well as in-depth guides to Colombia’s cities and tips for immersing yourself in its biodiversity.

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