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    Colombians that are making this a better world

    Colombia is a country of helpful people that through actions have changed the lives of many around the world.

    The solidarity of Colombians went from being spoken of to being real for thousands of people that have benefitted from their deeds. These eleven people, from different fields and in different places of the world, have achieved to actively contribute to improve the world, one action at a time.


    On top of being one of the most important singer-composers in the globe she creates and distributes school and alimentary scholarships for the children of Colombia and the world though the Fundacion Pies Descalzos.

    Albeiro Rodas

    He is a missionary that made it to the city of Sihanoukville (Cambodia) in 2007. There he founded the first journalism and social communication school for the underprivileged youth. In Colombia he meets with reintegrated young people from the Colombian conflict to share his experiences.

    Jorge Muñoz

    After more than thirty years living in the United States, and with the creation of the An Angel in Queens Foundation, Jorge Muñoz has delivered more than 180.000 meals to the poor and needy in eight years.

    Juan Pablo Montoya

    He has perfectly blended his successful career as a Race Car driver with his commitment with Colombian childhood through the Formula Sonrisas Foundation, aimed at promoting a better lifestyle for children through sport.

    Sofia Vergara

    In turn, Sofia Vergara is an active collaborator of the charitable foundations sin Fronteras and Believe.

    Jaime Alvarez

    On the other hand, Jaime Alvarez is a priest that traveled to Ecuador to help the community with the creation of CEBYCAM (Center for the eradication of Goiter and Training for the Disabled) y CES (Culture and Solidary Economics). In 1999, for his social work in the emergency of the Tungurahua volcano he earned the nickname ‘Father Volcano’.

    Alvaro Ramirez Ospina

    Founded the Corporacion HiperBarrio Colombia, entity that promotes the usage of the web in neighborhood communities and trains the danger-sensitive populations in journalism, photography, writing and video.

    Armando Sardi

    From the Fundacion Mujeres y Familias Contra el Cancer, Armando Sardi, doctor, oncologist, contributes to the training of doctors in the city of Cali.

    Marisol Sarta Valencia

    In Paraguay, a Colombian woman directs, coordinates and undertakes non-formal educational work with inmates of the Penitenciaria Nacional de Tacumbu. She is Marisol Sarta Valencia, an educator that takes care of this project from the Torypa Foundation.

    Silvia Tcherassi

    Silvia Tcherassi, conscious of her privileged status as a world-renowned fashion designer helps several causes in favor of Colombia. In addition, she is the spokesperson for UNICEF’s campaign against antipersonnel landmines.

    Gregorio Uribe

    On his part, musician Gregorio Uribe plans to donate the sales from his latest record ‘Pluma y vino’ to Alma Foundation, that promotes artistic education of excluded children all along Latin America.


    Sabrosura is the heart of the millions of Colombians that are making the world a better place.

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