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    A year telling the world that we are the answer

    September 7th marks the celebration of  the first anniversary of Colombia's Country Brand, a proposal meant to show the world we are the answer to all questions.

    September fills us with joy, for we celebrate a year of the creation and launch of the Colombia Country Brand, a public-private alliance meant to show the world that we are the answer.

    We are the answer because we work on a daily basis to show the world we have a country filled with incomparable and outstanding events in all aspects. Not only do we have a thriving industry propelled by exports like coffee, carnations and emeralds, but we have highly qualified professionals who work tirelessly for science and humanity such as Rodolfo Llinás. All this talent motivated us to create this brand, a brand to show the world we are a great country. 

    Co, our ID for the world, was introduced on September 7th 2012 at the Metropolitan Stadium in Barranquilla, the same day when the Colombian National Football team was facing Uruguay for a slot in the Brazil 2014 World Cup. Joy and delight were quick to come and all the spectators who attended the show saw how this new proposal to promote the country abroad took flight.

    Since then, we have tirelessly dedicated ourselves to promote Colombia abroad and so far we have been able to do so. We have taken Colombia around the world through innovative competitions such as the Colombian Auction – symbolic auctions in which people from all over the world competed for the chance to travel for free to live one of six unique experiences in our country – and with ads in important TV channels such as History Channel, FOX, FOX Sports, NatGeo, The Film Zone, ESPN Latin America, EuroNews, CNN International, Worldwide and BBC Europe, Africa and USA that showed the world our new reality.

    We have worked indistinctly  to accompany the country’s festivities and events, highlighting the best of each region with contents that show the world we are the answer. We have promoted national talent by supporting our ambassadors in their quest to conquer the world in all disciplines, and we have managed and sponsored a great deal of the projects that promote innovation in the country. 

    We have celebrated our fellow countrymen’s triumphs abroad, as well as made an effort to show the world Colombia’s new face, the one that shows us as a country of opportunities with a broad market for investment and tourism.

    We appreciate the support of 280 private companies who have become part of the answer and our ambassadors abroad like the Cycling team 4-72 Colombia, Fonseca, Carlos Vives, Chocquibtown, Óscar Tunjo, Gabby Chaves, Gustavo Yamacán, Orlando Duque and Radamel Falcao García, to name a few.

    We are the answer not only because it is what we decided as a country, but also because the world has begun to notice us, our remarkable numbers, and our great potential.

    We are the answer when it comes to environment, investments, exports, industries, innovation, talent, tourism, sports and, most of all, smiles. Get to know our country, Colombia is waiting for you. 

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