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    Our first anniversary activating the voice of Colombians

    During the past year, we were there for important events like Nairo Quintana’s groundbreaking performance in the Tour de France and Sister Laura’s canonization. 

    A year after we established ourselves as Co – Brand Colombia, we wanted to list the most important facts we witnessed since September 2012, when we launched this ambitious plan to promote the country. What do you think were the country’s most important events in the last year?

    Well known as a country of great athletes, since September we have witnessed the joy given to us by our ambassadors around the world. Among the most significant events were Colombia’s football team peaking to third place on FIFA’s Ranking, the successful hosting of the Cali 2013 World Games and Nairo Quintana’s great performance in the Tour de France.

    We were happy to announce Medellín was the world’s most innovative city in 2013, according to Citigroup and the Wall Street journal. We were also pleased to reveal one of Forbes’ 30 world leaders under 30 was our own Juan David Aristizábal. Overall, we will not forget how we rejoiced when we told the world that our land cradled great scientists like Raúl Cuero and Rodolfo Llinás.

    We celebrate biodiversity with conservation treaties such as alliances with Equitable Origin to ensure responsible production of oil, and expanding Colombia’s largest natural reserve, the Serranía de Chiribiquete National Natural Park. Culturally, we were also with Colombians on May 12 2013 during the canonization of the first Colombian saint, Sister Laura Montoya.

    About development, we were a part of this beautiful project called Colombia, and acknowledged fine results in tourism during the last year as well as record numbers in foreign investment (US$15.823 billion) and exports (US$60.667 billion). This work resulted in Colombia’s establishment as one of the world’s 30 largest economies.

    As the Colombia Country Brand, this year we have been part of a great proposal to show the world our potential and what we are. That is why we want you to participate in our social media (Twitter and Facebook) using #Activatuvoz (Activate Your Voice) to tell us what you think was the event with the most positive impact this past year.

    For everything you are looking for, the answer is Colombia.  


    • Juan David Aristizábal’s announcement as one of Forbes’ 30 world leaders under 30.
    • Raúl Cuero’s recognition as Hispanic scientist of the year by Tampa’s Museum of science and Industry
    • Multiple acknowledgements to scientist Rodolfo Llinás during the last year: IV Cajal Diploma, awarded by the Superior Spanish Council of Scientific Investigations and the award to ‘Best Health Book’ in the United States book Fair for his book El cerebro y el mito del yo.
    • 2012 recorded the highest number for foreign investment in the country to date with 15.823 billion dollars.
    • Colombia’s economy grew 4% in 2012, 1 percent over the region’s average.
    • Colombia is still one of the world’s top 30 economies.
    • The recognition by Citygroup and Wall Street of Medellín as the world’s most innovative city in 2013.
    • The landmark third place of Colombia’s football (soccer) Team on FIFA’s ranking.
    • The successful Cali World Games of 2013.
    • Nairo Quintana’s triumph as the mountain champion among the young and Runner-up on Tour de France’s 100th edition.
    • Canonization of the first Colombian saint, Sister Laura Montoya.
    • The greatest export index in the country’s history ($60.667 billion dollars)
    • The alliance with Equitable Origin to make Colombia a country that extracts fossil fuels responsibly.
    • Serranía de Chiribiquete National Natural Park‘s expansion of 3 million hectares, to make it the country’s largest natural reserve.
    • Tourism rate in Colombia exceeded the global average of 2012

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