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    Eight Colombian products that are setting trends across the globe

    Productos colombianos, Colombia exporta
    Colombian products continue to set trends and conquer markets across the world. Here are some products carrying the Made in Colombia stamp that are at the top of buyers’ wish-lists worldwide.

    Colombia’s fashion exports, part of the Manufacturing Goods sector that brings together manufacturers, clothing, footwear, leather, costume jewelry and inputs, generated more than USD $921m in 2017. Colombian cacao exported 60,000 tons the same year, with a particular focus on cacao grown in Santander, Antioquia, Arauca and Huila.

    1. The Verdi Mochila

    Verdi Design created a unique accessory that honors the heritage of one of Colombia’s most symbolic handicraft and gives it a unique twist by incorporating copper fibers into a bag produced according to Colombian tradition.

    Fashionistas from across the world have fallen in love with the Verdi Mochila, enchanted by the way the copper on this beautiful bag is worked into a fine metallic lace. The Verdi Mochila is entirely handmade, also it represents “the connection between humanity’s spirit and mother nature” and captures the essence of the people of Colombia, according to Verdi Design.

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    Celebrities charmed by the Verdi Mochila include Elle USA editor-in-chief Nina Garcia, one of the judges on the Project Runway reality television show and American businesswoman Iris Apfel, who is both an interior designer and a fashion icon.

    The Verdi’s Mochila biggest markets are the United States, Chile, Germany, Lebanon, France, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Sweden and the Dominican Republic.

    2. Daniela Salcedo’s Third Eye ring: handmade jewellery

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    Fashionistas adore handmade products, especially when it comes to jewelry and other important accessories. Trends towards minimalism and geometric shapes have propelled iconic pieces such as Daniela Salcedo’s Third Eye ring into the spotlight.

    This statement ring is made out of bronze bathed in 24-carat gold and its eye-catching design adds a striking and self-assured note. It’s no wonder this example of Colombian artistry is adorning the hands of ‘It Girls’ not just in Colombia, but across the globe.

    3. Cacao of Colombian origin

    Colombian company Cacao Hunters chocolate has become one of Colombia’s most desired exports, having won prestigious awards including the Americas Gold Medal and the World Gold Medal at the 2016 Chocolate Awards. It’s particularly popular in the United Kingdom, United States, Belgium and Japan, among others.

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    Cacao Hunters, a sustainable development project, offers customers a wide range of products that showcase cacao of Colombian origin, including Tumaco milk (53%) Sierra Nevada (64%) Colombia (100%, no sugar) Tumaco (70%) and Arauca (70%).

    4. Tata Harper’s Elixir Vitae

    Colombian entrepreneur Tata Harper’s anti-ageing serum, made from natural ingredients, moisturizes skin, restores volume and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles, as well as boosting collagen production in order to achieve a firmer and more radiant appearance.

    Harper, from Barranquilla, has turned her brand into a favorite among celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Emma Watson and Anne Hathaway.

    5. Parce Rum

    Experts consider Parce Rum one of the world’s best and it scooped six different awards at the 2016 World Spirits Competition, held in San Francisco, USA.

    The liquor is manufactured in a free trade zone in La Tebaida, Quindio, located in the Coffee Cultural Landscape, and sold in Duty Free shops in Bogota, Medellin and San Andres airports.

    Master mixer Brojen Fernandes Domecq said: “The area’s coffee production influences the rum and adds subtle touches and tones.”

    Parce Rum has already conquered the palates of eager consumers in Korea, Peru and France, thanks to its quality and flavor.

    6. SYOU Sneakers

    Distinctive patterns on SYOU’s sneakers ensure they stand out from the crowd. Their colorful prints reflect Colombia’s unique culture and traditions.

    SYOU sneakers come in six different designs, inspired by Colombia’s flora and fauna and its celebrated coffee culture. Colombian Santiago Oliveros is responsible for each design, also the sole of each shoe is hand sewn to ensure its durability. SYOU sneakers are produced 100% locally, including design, materials and production.

    7. Carmen de Viboral: handmade pottery

    This handcrafted pottery is handpainted by the residents of El Carmen de Viboral in Antioquia and its vivid colors ensure each piece is a work of art. Customers can even request customised designs.

    The most popular, and most traditional design is the Viboral, part of a group of designs that have helped this small town take its place as one of Latin America’s most important artistry centers. A new line called Viboral Renace has since been launched, which has a wider range and colors to complement the traditional design.

    8. Artesanías de Colombia’s ‘four teat’ purses

    Traditional forms and symbols used by the Eperaara Siapidaara indigenous community have made their ‘four teat’ purses a hit with those who visit Guapi, in Cauca.

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    Each purse takes between five and seven days to be made in a detailed process that begins with the picking and drying of fibers. The fibers are dyed naturally before being transformed into an example of Colombian handicraft now sold internationally.

    These are just some of the Colombian products setting trends across the globe, examples of how Colombia’s cultural richness inspires Colombians and helps them spread the word about their country through their products.

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