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    Astro-tourism: The best places to see the stars in Colombia

    Stars in Colombia, Colombia tour for see stars
    The night sky is visible to us all, but some parts of the world have a privileged geographical positioning and the ideal conditions for stargazing, which make watching the stars a unique and transformative experience. Colombia is one of the best places to see the stars and observe planets and other celestial bodies that contain all the secrets of the universe. Visitors can also relax and explore areas of outstanding natural beauty.

    Many factors make a place perfect for stargazing and the ideal place to see the stars, planets and other celestial bodies. High altitudes, dry air and a good distance from city light pollution offer, both beginners, and those passionate about amateur astronomy, the chance to tap into the mysteries of the universe.

    If you’re interested in finding a unique experience in Colombia, the following are some of the best places to see the stars in Colombia:

    1. Tatacoa desert

    Six hours from Bogotá, the Colombian capital, and four hours from the small city of Neiva, this stunning desert is one of the best places to do astro-tourism in Colombia.

    The sharp contrast between its clear skies and the gray and ocher tones of its landscape make it ideal for stargazing. Many visitors have stood in the Tatacoa desert and gazed upwards, marveling at both the size and silence of the desert and the vastness of its skies.

    The Tatacoa Astronomical Observatory in Villavieja, Huila, is the epicenter of the region’s astronomy tourism and offers visitors the chance to see the stars through a powerful astronomical telescope, as well as attend fun and informative astronomy lectures. August is one of the best times to visit, thanks to the Perseid Meteor Shower, a stellar show of celestial radiance, when up to sixty meteors are visible per hour.

    Tatacoa desert, Colombia, tourism

    2. Cocuy National Natural Park

    This natural national park, on the border between the departments of Boyacá and Arauca in the center-east of Colombia, is a fantastic place to camp and watch the stars. Visitors can choose from three designated camping grounds.

    Astronomy is central to the culture of the U’wa indigenous people, of the Sierra Nevada del Cocuy, who created an Astronomical Observatory on the ancient Mal Paso path. It’s a great place to study the night sky, walk the interpretive trail, see indigenous pictographs up close and learn more about Colombian astronomy and the U’wa’s ancient customs.

    Its conditions make it ideal for watching the stars all year round.

    Cocuy, National Natural Park

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    3. Cabo de la Vela

    This beach destination, in the northern La Guajira department, is a mesmerizing place to see the stars in Colombia, because visitors will also be soothed by the sight and sound of the Caribbean Sea and have the chance to learn about the Wayuu indigenous culture.

    Cabo de la Vela is not just one of Colombia’s most spectacular beaches, a spot where the desert merges into the ocean. Its night skies are filled with shooting stars and bright constellations, because there is no light pollution from nearby towns to obscure them.

    Besides watching the stars, Cabo de la Vela has a lot to offer its visitors. Relax on its endless sands, enjoy ecotourism, such as a visit to the flamingo sanctuary or a tour of the Taroa Dunes, and disconnect from the swirl of everyday life.

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    Stargazing in Colombia is a profound experience that you’ll remember forever. Thanks to its privileged geographical positioning, Colombia offers both beginners and passionate amateur astronomers the chance to see the stars, connect with the cosmos and unravel some of the mysteries of the universe.

    To learn more about unique experiences in Colombia, click here.

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