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    Top influencers in Colombia and foreigners who represent #TheBestOfColombia

    One of the top influencers taking a selfie surrounded by emojis | Colombia Country Brand
    Famous people from Colombia and foreign top influencers who are proud of Colombia show their love for the country on their social media. Get to know the Instagram influencers we’re talking about, give them a follow and you’ll surely share the same feeling about Colombia.

    1. Sofía Gómez Uribe, Colombian freediver and influencer

    This young woman from Pereira, Colombia, is the winner of the Freediving International Competitions, and the only woman who has broken her own world record by diving 86 meters, without equipment. She is undoubtedly one of the best representatives of Colombia as well as one of the country’s top influencers.


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    Her outstanding performance in national and international competitions, including a World Record, along with her promotion of environmental awareness on social media, has positioned her as one of the top influencers in the country.


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    Sofia is one of few Colombian Instagram influencers with more than 300,000 followers. She is also a brand ambassador for some Colombian brands as well as ambassador of #TheBestOfColombia.

    2. Zach Morris became one of the best Colombian youtubers

    This American fell in love with the country for good. He arrived in Colombia in 2013 and soon he decided to move to Colombia and live here full time. He has traveled to several Colombian cities, getting in touch with Colombian culture more closely, and sharing his experience as an influencer in his social networks.


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    In 2019, Zach received his Colombian citizenship, a day he described as “the best of his life.” Since then, this Youtuber has promoted Colombia because, as he expresses it, his goal as one of the top influencers of its country is to encourage all people to visit Colombia and try new experiences.


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    3. Michelle Figueroa, Colombian journalist and influencer of good news

    She is one of the Instagram influencers behind one of the accounts highlighted by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in 2020. Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle chose the account of this Instagram influencer, called Good News Movement, because it reports positive news and shows acts of kindness that are happening in the world.


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    In additionthe account of this influencer is mostly fed by news sent in by itfollowerswhich exceed 1,5 millionIt has also become a favorite account among people who need help, as well as a social media channel to show good news about Colombia.


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    4. Dominic Fabian Wolf, another influencer who loves Colombia

    This 25-year-old German arrived in Bucaramanga, Colombia as a foreign student. In this Colombian city, he achieved a double degree as a business manager. Before long this became his home, thanks to the kindness of Colombian people, the warm climate and its delicious gastronomy.


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    When he finished his studies, he made the decision to stay in Colombia, but needed to acquire some money. Thus, he came up with an idea based on the experiences he had, to became an influencer and create a sustainable tourism company focused on foreigners. He hopes that through his work, people like him will also fall in love with Colombia.


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    5. Christian Byfield, top travel influencer

    This industrial engineer and one of the top influencers in Colombia made a decision that changed his life forever: He quit his job to dedicated himself to travel. He became one of the travel influencers, with more than 200,000 people following him on Instagram where he documents the destinations he visits.


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    These incredible photos and inspirational messages of this Instagram influencer show the best of ColombiaIts nature and biodiversity as well as its peopleThis Colombian influencer devotes much of his feed to show landscapessunrises, and Colombia’s biodiversity.


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    6. Kally Higgins, a Colombian too

    Known for her social media phrase, “Kally es Kally, lo demás es loma,” this influencer from the United States loves Colombia. So much so, in fact, that she also decided to move to the country. She applied for a cultural exchange scholarship and chose Colombia as her destination. She lived in Bogotá and fell in love with the country suddenly.

    @kallyeskallyDejen en los comentarios su dicho favorito!!! 😂💕🇨🇴😘 #dichos #dichoscolombianos #refranes #gringa #kallyeskally #aprendeinglesrapido #colombia

    ♬ original sound – Kally Higgins

    Kally is mainly known as one of the Tiktok influencers where she talks about Colombian expressionswhat she likes most of Colombia, and her experience in our country.


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    The list of famous people from Colombia and foreign top influencers does not end here, because Colombia is definitely a country that makes you fall in love. Share the same feeling yourself!

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