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    The Book of Warmth

    Colombia’s gift to the world

    What is ‘Colombian warmth’?

    If there’s one thing that makes us stand out as the most welcoming place on Earth, it has to be our warmth. It’s a word all Colombians carry in their hearts and that has become synonymous with our people, with the best of Colombia. That very warmth lives in our customs and traditions, in that instinctive smile we give when we greet someone, and in the way we offer a warm cup of coffee to all those who visit our home.

    Colombian warmth is what makes visitors of any country feel welcome across our regions. Regardless of our numerous accents or the fact we have as many ways of calling them “friend” as we have climates, all those who visit become a part of our family and are made to feel right at home. 

    That’s our essence, what makes our hearts beat, and, wanting to better understand it and share it with the world, we decided to dig deeper. Which is why we decided to head right to the source of it all: Colombians and our stories – we knew that was where we’d find the answer.

    That’s where The Book of Warmth comes from: a compilation of over 40 stories as told by our own people, made possible by a team of journalists and photographers that journeyed across our country to meet with them, capture their words, and finally bring this book to life the way we intended: as a testimony to our warmth before Colombia and the world. More than a mere anthology, than profiles or descriptions, every story within this book offers a unique view into Colombia and its regions.

    Thus is born The Book of Warmth

    Beyond stories and experiences, beyond showcasing the wealth, and regional and ethnic diversity of the Colombian territory, this is a collection made up of those who reflect on a daily basis what being Colombian truly means – greeting warmly all those who reach our shores, bringing to life the flavors and expressions taught to us by our grandparents, getting to know our own heritage and charm in order to share it with others, or simply showcasing the warmth of our country through something as wholesome and universal as music.

    Mujer colombiana exponente de la moda.

    Across its pages, every new story threads virtues and dreams together with each character’s smile. Word by word, a part of them has been laid down in this book to greet the entire world with; they’re eager to open wide the doors to their homes, talents and lives and welcome inside all those who wish to learn more.

    We are all The Book of Warmth
    Mujer emprendedora colombiana en un restaurante.

    The ultimate goal of this book, however, isn’t just to showcase our distinctive warmth, but to extend an invitation to get caught up in the welcoming spirit of Francisca, Elida, Daniel, Humerto, Gabriela, of all Colombians who make up this book and who make us a proud, joyful people.

    These are our stories – a mere handful out of the millions upon millions that warm up every day in Colombia. This is the result of a tireless quest to better grasp the very warmth that defines us, and an open invitation to whoever reads this from across the screen, no matter where they may be, to let themselves experience the most welcoming place on Earth.

    Time to start off this journey – if you’d like to learn more about our warmth, our people and the stories they have to tell, you can read or download The Book of Warmth.

    The search for the Colombian Warmth

    Even though we can feel it in every greet, every smile, every welcome and every cup of coffee we share, we wanted to understand it better. This is why we went out in the search for Colombian Warmth, and we went straight to its source: our people, those who carry it in their hearts. These their stories.


    Mantente conectado y recibe nuestras últimas publicaciones

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