The ARC Gloria, Colombia’s Flagship began it’s journey with Colombian music on board

Enjoy the ARC Gloria's 2019 journey
The ARC Gloria, Colombia’s Flagship began its 2019 itinerary. Follow its journey and enjoy all the different activities on board for free, while feeling the rhythm of Colombian music.

With 50 years of history and 190 ports visited in 77 countries, the ARC Gloria, Colombia’s Flagship, a symbol of liberty and ambassador of Colombian culture in all ports of the world, began its 2019 journey. Its first destination was Boston, United States on June 23.

For 133 days the iconic ship will sail the seas to the rhythm of musical instruments of Colombia. Also, it will surround the visitors with the energy vibes of traditional Colombian music and modern rhythms such as reggaeton.

Sea waves move with the Colombian rhythm

In addition to the 2019 journey, the ARC Gloria will be the perfect stage for Colombian and foreigners visiting any of the 14 ports where it will arrive, to enjoy an amazing musical experience.

The cadets on board will teach how to dance popular rhythms of the andean region such as bambuco, the llanera music like joropo, tropical rhythms like cumbia, champeta, reggaeton, salsa and vallenato, as well as currulao from the pacific region. Through these cultural expressions, people on board will get to meet Colombia, the country of the 1000 rhythms.

The wind blows through the sound of musical instruments

Wind, percussion and string instruments, belong to different regions of Colombia and also to the cultural exposition that can be seen in the main salon of the ship.

In this space, guests will be surrounded for the array of rhythms from Colombia, listening to songs in a different way thanks to the 8d technology that enhances and produce a tridimensional auditive sensation. Furthermore, they will be able to take pictures in three backgrounds that recreate the most beautiful Colombian landscapes.

Unlike the 2018 itinerary of the ARC Gloria ship, which included different cities and countries in Latin America, on 2019 some more will be added to the journey. Twelve countries from Europe, Central America, and North America, as well as the Greater Antilles: United States, France, Poland, Lithuania, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Morocco, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Honduras.

Would you like to know where The ARC Gloria is today?

Follow the journey of the sailing ship in 2019 to board it at one of the ports near you.

Get ready to embrace all the emotions that Colombian music and its different rhythms can make you feel, living this experience with the Colombian ambassador of the seas, and most importantly, share it on social media using the hashtag #TheBestOfColombia

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Enjoy the ARC Gloria's 2019 journey

The ARC Gloria, Colombia’s Flagship began it’s journey with Colombian music on board

The ARC Gloria, Colombia’s Flagship began its 2019 itinerary. Follow its journey and enjoy all the different activities on board...
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