Colombia, Magia Salvaje: the biggest box office hit in Colombian cinema

Thousands of moviegoers have flocked to theaters in the four weeks that the film has been on the box office.

Colombia’s biodiversity holds a number of world records, such as the greatest number of birds and orchid species in the world, including some that can only be found here. Now, another record has been broken: the documentary film, “Colombia, Magia Salvaje,” which covers this very biodiversity, has become the country’s biggest ever box-office hit following its release across 278 movie theaters four weeks ago.

Last Wednesday, the number of viewers interested to see Colombia’s natural wonders on the big screen reached 1,654,929, leaving the documentary in sixth place nationwide for films released in 2015.

The documentary, which takes a 90-minute trip through Colombia’s diversity from the depths of the oceans to unexplored locations like the Serranía del Chiribiquete, draws on cutting-edge video production to present a different view of the country that must be preserved.

In the words of Carlos Mario Giraldo, CEO of Grupo Éxito, the private company that sponsored the project, “Colombia, Magia Salvaje” “touched the hearts of Colombians, strengthening their environmental awareness and a sense of pride for our natural heritage.” (You may also like to read: The ten unique, must-do experiences when you visit Colombia)

The production crew visited 85 locations encompassing 20 different ecosystems to disclose that unknown in a country blessed for its biodiversity and geographical setting; “the jewel in the crown,” as Francisco Forero, co-producer and director of the Ecoplanet Foundation, which led the project, puts it. For Forero, this film “is genuine proof that Colombians believe in conserving our environment, learning from it, and preserving it for the future.”

Through a film entirely devoted to the landscape, flora and fauna of Colombia, the alliance between Ecoplanet and Grupo Éxito has enabled a transformation, as deemed by the foundation’s director, of “how we see our country and how it is seen abroad.”

Have you seen “Colombia, Magia Salvaje” yet? Be amazed by never-seen-before images of Colombian nature, starring the Andean condor, the silver arowana fish, the spectacled bear, the jaguar, the Orinoco crocodile, the humpbacked whale, the pink dolphin and many others. This is the perfect, 90-minute opportunity to learn more about Colombia’s unique biodiversity and to fall in love with the heaven on earth that is Colombia.

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