Circolombia: the story of a nation

Curtains are drawn and it’s all we need to scan their faces, their moves and their “sabrosura” [joy] to figure out they are Colombians. A show, in collaboration with Colombia’s Country Brand, that takes a center stage in London.

Thames waters, running through the city of London (England), shakes irregularly and it has nothing to do with the flows that naturally burst into the North Sea. It is because of a Colombian phenomenon that, with choreography, somersaults and crackling agitation, has vibrated the entire world and produces chills and amazement in any viewer.

Circolombia, the worldwide renowned high-risk contemporary circus, inspired in Colombia, is involved in Underbelly Festival Southbank 2018. On this occasion, with Colombia Country Brand, in a mission to share the nation’s culture and diversity in the United Kingdom, by means of an authentic experience of Colombian “sabrosura” [flavour, joy] that everyone who attends the event will be able to enjoy.

A captivating destination

Felicity Simpson, an English woman lover of arts, circus and theatre, arrived in Colombia several years ago, with the same uncertainty anyone exploring an unknown destination may have. Ecstatic at the people’s diversity and authenticity, she decided to start a major artistic project with global impact. She established Fundación Circo Para Todos [Circus for Everyone Foundation], the first theatre school in the world dedicated to train underprivileged youth in theatre and circus arts. That’s where Circolombia was conceived, an innovative, extravagant, captivating show, which undoubtedly recreates Colombianness in any scenario of the world where it is presented.

Colombia on stage

Circolombia is one of the world’s most revolutionary circus experiences. It portraits the life in Colombian streets, in a setting of choreographies and Latin rhythms, both urban and traditional. It is a show combining circus skills and street dancing, with impressive, almost impossible pirouettes. A true Colombian exhibition that is currently shaking Southbank streets at the beat of defying acrobatics the world will never forget.

Underbelly Festival Southbank 2018

Between May 24 and July 14 Colombia Country Brand showed a real Colombian experience for anyone visiting Underbelly Festival Southbank 2018, drawn by Circolombia’s performance. It is a place to enjoy Colombian “sabrosura” full of richness and diversity.


Everyone could feel Colombian “sabrosura” on the river Thames shores and in the whole heart of London. On this occasion, people from United Kingdom and all over the globe  enjoyed 5 Picnic areas decorated with tablecloths and cushions of hammock fabric. Visitors also got to know the main tourist destinations of Colombia through a photo gallery boasting landscapes of Cartagena, Tayrona Park, Bogotá, Medellín, Villa de Leyva, Nuquí, the Coffee Region, and more. Additionally, they had the chance to test their skills in different fair games such as “Rana” [frog] and meet the symbolic and attractive characters in national culture through the game “Concéntrese” [Stay focus].

Colombian shades

Felicity Simpson describes Colombia as a production box, an undeniable source of inspiration due to its “sabrosura”, that shows an authentic country hosting an infinite diversity in unity. Circolombia shows off to the world a mix of Colombian traditional and contemporary ways in the arts and the Colombia Country Brand recognizes its talent and effort and accompanies them in the British capital exhibiting the best of Colombia.

This group of artists, at one time marginalized, are now acclaimed in various festivals and artistic venues all around the world. . Their work URBAN, is based on anecdotes and stories from the streets of Cali. Mesmerized, spectators from all over the globe attend to confirm these young Colombians’ incredible skills, who found the unspeakable ability to turn their story and culture into a show like no other.

A new chance

Colombia Brand Country and Circolombia present in England and the whole world a country where joy, art, music, and dance are worth more than words to tell their story, the story of a nation with a lot to offer to the world. Underbelly Festival Southbank 2018 is certainly a unique opportunity to enjoy a place of “sabrosura.”

You are invited to pass on and share the Colombian “sabrosura” that goes through different stages in the world so that everyone understands why #ColombiaIsSabrosura.

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