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    Colombia recognized for innovation in business

    Two years after the Wall Street Journal named Medellín the most innovative city in the world, Colombia is again being […]

    Two years after the Wall Street Journal named Medellín the most innovative city in the world, Colombia is again being recognized for its eye towards innovation and creativity.

    The U.S. business and innovation magazine Fast Company has included two Colombian companies on its list of “The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies of 2015 in Latin America.” The companies, Lowe SSP3 Colombia and Tappsi, both based in Bogotá, respond to societal needs with creativity, technology and innovative ideas.

    The well-known ad agency Lowe SSP3, number three on the list, is spotlighted for an unprecedented campaign to share hopeful stories of demobilized FARC fighters and the lives they now lead after deserting. Number six Tappsi is an innovative ‘taxi hailing’ app that is currently expanding across Latin America.

    The two Colombian companies are joined by companies from Chile, Argentina, Mexico and Brazil.

    Based in New York City, Fast Company Magazine has 11.2 million average monthly unique visitors. In 2014, it was named magazine of the year at the annual National Magazine Awards.

    See the full list here.

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