Artesanias de Colombia, a sample of the country to the world

Colombia embraces a crafts legacy that not only transmits our culture but has also taken shape as an export recognized through the globe.

Our crafts have positioned themselves as varied, high quality merchandise that constitutes one of Colombia’s presentation cards to the world. Our ample geography and culture, and the expert usage of materials that our crafters implement are some of the characteristics that the country shows in this sector.

Geographic diversity

Different regions have undertaken the work of creating their identity in each craft, showing their talent and ingenuity to expose the diversification that reigns in all corners of the country. From La Guajira to Amazonas, from Nariño to Orinoquia, our craftsmen are proof of the remarkable creativity that characterizes this nation.

Cultural transmission

Our craftsmen represent their traditions and beliefs: the members of the Wayuu tribe, for example, knit backpacks in which they infuse their Guajira history and, at the same time, make a tribute to mother earth. In a Wayuu knit fabric the geometrical shapes represent water, earth, air and fire, representations that can also be appreciated in the making of hammocks and chinchorros that weight up to 6 kilos.

Techniques and materials variety

Colombian soil offer the craftsman the possibility of creating his objects using different materials; at reaching distance he has products like bamboo, wool, fiber, clay, wood, leather, the totumo and precious metals, raw materials that demand implementation techniques for its finishing.

Colombian creations are the highest expression of culture and idiosyncrasy that involves our country, that is why in crafts we can say that The Answer Is Colombia.

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